Getting Lei’d by Ann Omasta


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**2015 Kindle Scout Winner!** Being jilted almost at the altar is not how Roxy thought her wedding would go. Getting dragged on her Hawaiian honeymoon by her excessively self-centered sister and outlandishly irreverent grandma is the icing on the horrible wedding day cake.

Can Kai, the resort’s hunky chauffeur/bartender/flamethrower, turn this disaster of a trip into a romantic adventure to last a lifetime? Escape with Roxy into the enchanting Hawaiian Islands as she discovers the joy of hanging loose and “Getting Lei’d.”


What do you get when you mix a cheating groom, a crazy grandmother and a tropical paradise?  Getting Lei’d by Ann Omasta is what you get–a fun, easy romantic comedy.

Everyone is gathered for a picture-perfect wedding when Roxy receives a “Dear John” text from her fiancé claiming he is in love with her best friend.  Rory’s sister, Ruthie, and their grandmother, affectionately known as Baggy, help Roxy escape the embarrassment quickly.  They don’t take her home to cry and sulk, they take her on her honeymoon!

Roxy is an accountant who really wants to be a painter, but she has been raised to be responsible and careful.  There is only room for one flighty, frivolous person in the family, and that person is her sister.  Ruthie gets by on her looks, and from Roxy’s perspective, Ruthie lives a charmed life.  Baggy, who seems to have an endless supply of cash, is the poster child for the wild and carefree. She is the opposite of her daughter (Roxy’s mom) who is as rigid and uptight as a flagpole. When the three wedding escapees finally get to Hawaii, they find nothing but ohana and aloha (and the benefits of extra virgin coconut oil).

Getting Lei’d is an outrageously entertaining book.  I loved the characters and the easy flow of the story.  Omasta’s writing really lets you picture the tropical paradise.  While reading, I swear I could smell plumeria, and I definitely had a craving for a pina colada!

It was great to see Roxy’s epiphany. She realizes that her ability to enjoy her honeymoon without her intended husband must mean she really didn’t love him enough to marry him.  Accepting his proposal was more about doing what was expected of her than following her heart.

I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this book.  The waterfalls and  the jellies brought back memories of my last tropical vacation, and Baggy’s crazy antics had me snorting with laughter.  Getting Lei’d by Ann Omasta is a light-hearted, 4-star read that is a perfect way to warm up on a cold winter day or to get pumped up for a little island romance on the way to your next vacation.

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About the Author:

These bios are generally rather dry, so I thought I’d shake up the format a little bit. Here are ten not-so-interesting tidbits about me: 1. I despise whipped cream. There, I admitted it in writing. Let the ridiculing begin. 2. Even though I have lived as far south as Key Largo, Florida and as far north as Maine, I landed in the middle. 3. If I don’t make a conscious effort not to, I will drink nothing but tea morning, noon and night. Hot tea, sweet tea, green tea – I love it all. 4. There doesn’t seem to be much in life that is better than coming home to a big dog who is overjoyed to see me. My other family members usually show significantly less enthusiasm about my return. 5. Singing in my bestest, loudest voice does not make my family put on their happy faces. This includes the big, loving dog referenced above. 6. Yes, I am aware that bestest is not a word. 7. Dorothy was right. There’s no place like home. 8. All of the numerous bottles in my shower must be lined up, with their labels facing out. It makes me feel a little like Julia Roberts’ mean husband from the movie ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’, but I can’t seem to control this particular quirk. 9. I love, love, love finding a great bargain. 10. Did I mention that I hate whipped cream? It makes my stomach churn to look at it, touch it, smell it or even think about it. Great – now I’m thinking about it. Idk!



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