Lady and the Pack (Line of Lilith, #2) by R.A. Boyd

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☆••*´¨`*•.☆•• 3.5 Stars ☆••*´¨`*•.☆••

What it’s all about:

College student Kayla Taylor gets a job with the local werewolf pack and finds love, family, and a psycho pack of rogue wolves that want her dead. Great first week on the job!

Twenty-four year old Kayla Taylor enjoys life in her little bubble: her potty-mouthed best friend, school, work, and staying as far away from her dysfunctional parents as she can. But when Kayla accepts a job to help the local werewolf pack leader write her memoirs, the relationship with her parents starts to look like a walk in the park.

Patrick Belman, a pack member, tells her that she has a new boyfriend and he’s it. In the midst of their happily ever after, Kayla discovers a civil war among the wolves that has been brewing since the Garden of Eden, and being the first human to be chosen by Lilith for a werewolf puts her right in the middle of the conflict. Kayla is pulled into the world of the wolves by the bonds of love and family, something she has longed for since her childhood.

But sometimes, she just wants her nice little bubble back.


The Lady and The Pack by R.A. Boyd is a paranormal romance that is filled with suspense.

Main characters, Kayla and Patrick, have great chemistry. The pack doesn’t understand how a human and a werewolf could possibly bond, but Kayla and Patrick feel they are each other’s true mate.

Kayla is an average college student who aspires to be a writer. She is open minded and has no problem working with the sage pack-leader to write her memoir. Kayla is estranged from her parents, and she is haunted by that lack of family. Food and her best friend Lettie fill the hole left by her damaged family relationships. The lack of family support has left her feeling insecure and unworthy. Upon meeting the wolf pack, she is electrifyingly attracted to Patrick. She can’t explain it, and neither can I because that reveal would ruin some of the suspense in the story.

Patrick is a werewolf and part of the pack. He is self-assured and mature. He is powerful, handsome, and sexy. He is possessively devoted to Kayla and wants to take care of her. I loved Patrick’s confession of how helpless he feels about not being able to protect his mate when Kayla first encounters the evil Gunther.

The plot is slow to start with a lot of detail in the set up. At times, there is too much detail that doesn’t necessarily add anything to the story. However, much of the detail does help you feel like you really know the characters and setting before the action takes off. Early on, there were foreshadowing clues that made me think there was going to be a threat in the future, but it took too long to get the suspense/thriller aspect of the story going. I liked the early sexual tension between Patrick and Kayla—the teasing and pent-up desire was good. I would have loved more flirting and teasing in their dialogue. There is a bit of repetition at the end of the story that I didn’t think added to the story.

I read an early copy of the book, and it was going to be edited more. The problems I had with the plot are likely to be addressed in the final round of editing. I loved the sprinkling of humor in the story; humor in a paranormal suspense doesn’t always work, but RA Boyd did it just right. Patrick’s and Kayla’s ovulation discussion cracked me up! That has never come to mind when I’ve read paranormal romances in the past. The author has thrown in a couple red-herrings that provided some interesting confusion and humor once the reader figures out how they were misled. RA Boyd’s take on the Lilith story and how para-normal creatures were created was unique. The best part for me was how Kayla transforms and grows as a character.

Overall, I thought the premise of the story was good; one of the most original paranormal themes I’ve read in a while. I appreciated that the ending is set up such that the story could continue as a series without leaving readers with a huge cliff-hanger. A 3.5-star read that will appeal to fans of paranormal fiction.

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