Blog Tour & Review: Under Covers by Kayti McGee

Under Covers Final Cover


What it’s about:

Halfway through her first year on the job, Melissa Montclair decides the best part of teaching is winter break.

And the best part of break is the Perfect Ten she meets in a bar on New Year’s Eve. Why not celebrate a semester under her belt with a Perfect Ten in her pants? The one night affair is all she hoped for, until she walks into school a week later and sees Mr. Ten is Student Twenty-nine on her roll call.

She should be mortified—and she is—but that doesn’t stop her from banging him again.

And again.

And again.

So much for job security.

Posing as an exchange student at Hamilton High is finally the assignment Officer Spence Vega has been hoping for. Now he has a shot at getting to the bottom of the town’s recent molly epidemic. There’s only a couple of problems: first, history is taught by the curvy bombshell he banged on New Year’s. Second, his growing suspicion is that she’s the dealer he’s looking for.

The job was supposed to be an easy in-and-out, not the teacher.

If only they could stop getting under the covers, staying undercover would be so much easier.

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☆••*´¨`*•.☆•• 3 stars ☆••*´¨`*•.☆••

Under Covers by Kayti McGee is a stand-alone romantic comedy told in dual POV of the main characters Melissa Montclair and Spencer Vega.

It’s New Year’s Eve and Melissa plans to start off the year with a bang before returning to work as a high school history teacher. Bang she does as she takes home a hunky stranger from the bar she was at with her friend Jane. Melissa is “happy, happy, happy” until she returns to school and finds Mr. Tall-Dark-And-Handsome is one of her new students! Don’t get your knickers in knots; this so-called student is really undercover cop Spencer Vega who is on campus to bust up a drug ring.

Let the angst and misunderstandings begin. From the first day of the school until the end of the book, Melissa is alternatively filled with wanton desire for Spencer and berating herself for being a degenerate who is about to lose her teaching credential. Since Spencer really isn’t a minor, he doesn’t take too much care in staying away from Melissa, and the more time he spends with her, the more he is sure that she is the school’s drug lord.

I enjoyed the banter and chemistry between Melissa and Spencer, and I would have liked more of it. For me, there was too much inner dialogue/freaking out over misconceptions about each other. While I understood that Spencer couldn’t come clean with her about being undercover, after awhile Melissa’s freaking out and searching for possible replacement jobs got tiresome.   The action-packed ending was well paced.

Overall, Under Covers by Kayti McGee is a short, sexy read with a HEA.


About the author: Kayti McGee is a former Kansas Citian who now follows the Royals from Colorado. Besides writing, her hobbies include travel, cooking, and all thing Whovian. She also writes as the latter half of Laurelin McGee. Like her co-author Laurelin Paige, she joined Mensa for no other reason than to make her bio more interesting.



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