Review: Enjoying Trouble by Dee Bridle

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What it’s about:

Ava embraced trouble, Ivy escaped trouble and Janey always enjoyed trouble.

Until now.

Tormented by a sinister past, Janey is now trying to live a life without her addictions. No drugs, no alcohol and no Will.  Forced to sever the one true connection in her life, she is left untethered in a world that has carried on without her.  Riddled with self-doubt and at times lost within the dark tunnel of her depression, she must stay away from her anchor that is Will and no longer seek solace in his arms.

Will still remains secretly close, unable to give up the one girl that has always meant something more to him.  But there are external forces that are not only keeping them apart, but are desperately eager for Janey’s demise.

Can Janey hold onto Will and survive family secrets and her sordid past to finally become the person she deserves to be?


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The long-awaited final book in Dee Bridle’s Trouble Series has arrived, and it is worth the wait. As with the prior two books, Enjoying Trouble is a NA romance that can be read as a standalone, but it is infinitely better if you have read the prior books. Having read the prior books, I was very invested in this tight-knit group.

Janey has always been the troubled one of the group.  She has been trying to numb the pain of a past trauma with all sorts of vices. While in rehab, she is diagnosed with clinical depression.  I felt so sad for her— she is broken and feels worthless. There is a dark cloud that blackens her feelings and outlook; she feels like an outsider even with her closest friends. Her depression and self-loathing were so hard to read. The one light in her life is Will. She is hopelessly, and selflessly in love with him. Ruggedly handsome, Will has stuck by Janey through thick and thin. No matter how much she pushes him away, she remains in his heart and on his mind. I can’t help but love a character who shows that much concern and loyalty. Will knows about her troubled past, and he fears that her self-medicating will get her into serious trouble. He has no idea how much trouble!

While Enjoying Trouble is mainly Will’s and Janey’s story, Zach, Noah, Ivy and Ava are ever-present. This tight little group is a by-choice family. When one gets in trouble, they all rally.

Multiple nepharious forces converge making Enjoying Trouble a gripping romantic suspense. Both Janey and Will are overwhelmed by unpleasant surprises, but with the love and support from their “family”, they are ultimately triumphant. This is read is best enjoyed going into it blind, so avoid reviews with spoilers!

Enjoying Trouble is Bridle’s best writing to date. She has added a good deal of complexity to this story. It is told in alternating points of view and in a dual timeline. Will and Janey each narrate the story of their meeting and early relationship as well as their present-day turmoil. Bridle has effectively infused her story with foreboding using increasing plot tension and several unexpected twists. The delightful epilogue provides wonderful and satisfying closure for all the main characters in this series. I really enjoyed this perfect conclusion to the Trouble Series.

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About the author:   Dee grew up in Melbourne, Australia and lives with her husband and two children. Her hobbies include hiking (not really), drinking copious amounts of wine (yes, that one is true), reading books that just cannot be put down (even if the world is ending), seeing bands and enjoying her family.

She can usually be found in her own world in the early hours of the morning, writing and breathing life into her characters. She loves to write New Adult/Contemporary fiction and understands there is nothing better than a bad boy with a good heart.

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