Wanting You by Becca Siller

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WANTING YOU by Becca Siller

Romantic Suspense

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Wanting You Book one in The Wanting Series


Charlotte McElroy’s life isn’t what she’d expected. With everything else going the way she’d predicted, the only thing holding her back from pure happiness is not finding her true love.

When she finally breaks up with her abusive boyfriend, Tony, she desperately needs a break. Her best friend Riley knows exactly what to do. A vacation to Vegas for the weekend could be just the ticket, or it could turn her life upside down. She never expected to find a man like Wyatt. A man who, was not what she’d normally go for, but she can’t seem to stay away from.

Wyatt Grayson is the typical playboy movie star. And he uses his celebrity to his full advantage. He has money, status, and more women than he could ever want. So when he meets beautiful Charlotte on a weekend break from filming, he’s surprised by his reaction to her. No longer wanting to settle for the love-em and leave-em types, Wyatt has no idea how hard he’ll have to fight to keep what he wants.

Distracted by their passion and feelings for each other, they never saw the devastation of the obsessed Tony coming. Now Charlotte and Wyatt must traverse uncharted waters to stay together or loose each other for good.

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Miles and I make our way down and out of our hotel to the private pool area – fewer people who will bother us. It’s hot out. It has to be over ninety degrees. Scanning the crowd with Miles, I spot Jesse lounging by the pool with two hot girls. They all have drinks with fruit and umbrellas sticking out and they’re all three laughing. I’m kind of surprised he’s only found the two girls. Maybe the dude population was lacking. I point them out to Miles and we start making our way over when Miles stops all of a sudden and sucks in a sharp quick breath. “Oh shit, man, that’s those two girls from the airport.” Miles looks pale. And he starts to back up.

“Whoa, are you sure, Miles? I mean we only saw them for a second. And besides what’s the big deal?” Outside I’m trying to be nonchalant but inside my heart is pounding, thinking of seeing her again. I’ve never had a reaction like this from seeing a girl from a distance before. I can feel my stomach tighten at the thought of seeing her again.

“Yes!” he exclaims, “Hey, do I look ok? I really want to look good.”

I turn to look at him, perplexed. “Um yeah…dude, are you ok? I’ve never seen you act like this before.”

“Yeah, I just haven’t seen a girl like this before.”

Clearly confused, I slide my sunglasses to the top of my head. “Miles, we’ve seen and been with dozens of girls like them.” Saying something I know not to be true. I know exactly how he feels. I knew the girl in the airport didn’t react like any of the other girls I’ve come across. She didn’t become giddy and start touching her hair or giggling at everything. “They’re no different. The second they recognize us, they’ll be like all the rest.”

Miles, slightly disappointed: “Ok, you’re probably right, let’s go.”

I try to get my pounding heart to calm as we weave our way through all the bodies and lounge chairs. As soon as we get within a few feet of them Jesse looks up and smiles broadly. I can’t look at her, it’s like I’m hyper aware of everything around me and her. I swear I can smell her from here. Coconut and vanilla – that subtle smell is so arousing I’m afraid the effects may become evident soon if I don’t sit down. “There they are. Come and meet these two lovely ladies,” Jesse says when he sees us. Just as I’m about to sit I feel Miles scramble by me jetting his hand out to the brunette. I inwardly sigh with relief. Thank God he isn’t after the same girl. I should’ve known he would like the brunette better anyway. Blondes aren’t usually his thing. I can feel the blonde looking at me and I smile to myself.

“Hi, my name is Miles Porter. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Miles shakes hands with the brunette.

Giggling, “Hello, Miles, I’m Riley Tate and this is my best friend Char…” “Charlotte McElroy,” she interrupts abruptly, shooting Riley a look.

“And I am Wyatt Grayson,” I say, shaking Charlotte’s hand first, then

shaking Riley’s. Now that I’m up close I can see so much more of this beautiful girl. She has the most perfect facial features: feminine jaw line, big red pouty lips she likes to chew on, defined cheek bones but they don’t make her face look sharp. Overall, her face gives off a soft gentle look until you look into her eyes, the perfect blend of emerald and sapphire so you can’t ever really tell if they’re green or blue but around the very outside is a dark black ring that makes the color inside almost glow.

I was so mesmerized by her eyes I almost didn’t look at the rest of her. Almost. She’s slim and toned but not overly defined. The hollows of her collarbones are so inviting I almost want to swirl my tongue in them right now. Sliding my gaze lower I’m greeted with the most spectacular breasts I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen plenty. Her nipples pucker as my eyes slide over them. I suck in a sharp breath and my cock swells slightly. Jesus, I’ve never reacted like this to a woman. Moving my gaze lower still, I see a long slim flat waist and belly and perfectly shaped hips. I can’t see her butt but I can only imagine it. The color of her suit makes her suntanned skin glow. My mouth’s gone dry and I need to stop staring and sit down fast.

Just then my thoughts are interrupted by Jesse hollering to the attendant to bring us more drinks. I nod when he confirms my usual, a shot of rum and a beer. After glancing at Jesse I look back at Charlotte. She’s trying not to look at me. I can’t help but smile. I wonder if she is just shy? Or maybe she isn’t interested? She gave nothing away when I shook her hand even though it felt like electricity flowed through me from that simple touch.

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About the Author:  Becca Siller was born in Mt. Home, Idaho, raised in California by a family of readers, and always enjoyed a good story. She was delighted to become a full-time stay-at-home mom but decided she needed something to keep busy during nap times. With the encouragement of her adoring family and an active imagination, she started on her first novel and hopes to have many more to come. Wanting You, the first book in the Wanting Series, is her first published novel.

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