Review: I {Heart} Geeks Anthology

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What it’s about:

“I ❤ Geeks” is a celebration of all those wonderful, attractive, and brainy geek guys and gals we love!

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I Heart Geeks is an anthology of seven, mostly chaste, romance-between-geeks love stories by seven different authors.

The stories are each fun and flirty. Many are set at comic-con events. My favorite exception to that rule is The Whedonite by Aria Glazki; this story is set in a book store {sigh}. While there is a common theme in the setting, each story is delightfully unique.

Cat-ch Me If You Can Batman by Stephanie Kayne was one of my favorites. I mean, who doesn’t love Batman? It is a fun and flirty story.

Goldstar by Layla Kelly is about a second-chance at love with your high school sweetheart. I got a chuckle out of the craft project that wins the girl’s heart.

In Love and Lore by Rae Lori is about gaming geeks and cosplay.

The Whedonite by Aria Glazki involves Dr. Horrible sing-alongs, blind dates with books, and other fun book store events that through a couple neighbors into the mood for romance.

Love in Armor by Kristyn Brunson is about a crush realized after cosplay, geeky trivia games and an ode to the crush presented in a very public setting.

The Grand Tour by Leslie Ann Brown involves the need to convince a geeky scientist to Penny’s sister should receive the experimental treatment he has developed to treat her Kramer’s Syndrome.

Finding Our Way by Bella James is about a horse loving librarian and a high school friend turned rancher. A high school crush turns into love.

Each of these short stories can be devoured on a lunch break. Got a secret crush on geeks? This is the romance anthology for you!

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