Review: Fearing Love by Kay Lindy

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What it’s about:

Fearing life is no way to live, but for Jessica Garrison, it’s the only thing she knows. After she lost her mother to cancer, she couldn’t bring herself to live with her father any longer. The lies and deceit she protected her mother from during the last months of her life now felt like betraying the loving woman who lost her life. Jessica left her childhood home at the age of seventeen, expecting to find a life free from lies, drugs, and adultery; what she found was anything but. Forced to learn the harsh realities in life, she endured years of abuse. Jessica escaped; but her escape came with a price. Now, Jessica lives in fear of the day Brandon will find her. Will she be able to piece her life back together or stay trapped living in fear for the rest of her life?

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Fearing Love by Kay Lindy is a story of the effects of an abusive relationship, a life filled with tragedy, and of moving upward and onward. This sometimes heartbreaking tale is told primarily by the main character, Jessica Garrison, with a few chapters from other characters.

Jess’ abusive relationship comes to light as she slowly trusts Logan with her story. Her late grandfather was her most positive role model, and all she has left of him is his cabin which is now her bastion of safety from her abuser.

Logan, a friend of a friend, seems to be thrown into Jess’ life a little too soon for her liking, however, he is just what she needs. He is calm, sensitive, strong and above all supportive and understanding.

“Women deserve strong men who cherish them, and above all don’t hurt them.” –Logan

Jess and Logan become reluctant roommates—he needs a place to stay, and Jess’ friends believe she should not live alone deep in the woods. Through their interaction, Jess’ trauma is revealed. Logan’s kindness and support is utterly swoon-worthy. Every woman deserves to have someone like Logan in their life. As their relationship deepens, I felt hope for Jess. Hope that she could recover emotionally. Hope that she would be loved. Hope that she would trust again.

Jess’ story of abuse is difficult to read, and I found her “fight-or-flight” responses just as heart wrenching. I did ponder how Jess could be ready to fight off a misperceived threat in a social setting, yet she was incapable of defending herself when her ex-husbandattacked her. I don’t pretend to know anything about abusive relationships, and the depiction of Jess’ responses has made me curious to explore the topic.

Fearing Love is Ms. Lindy’s debut novel. The well-paced story is emotional and gripping. She made me care about Jess and Logan. The clever, poignant epilogue could be the perfect end. Ms. Lindy is an indie author to watch.


About the author:  Kay Lindy’s love for reading great stories lead to her desire to write. She wanted to capture women who rise above the harsh realities in life by empowering themselves to succeed. Outside of writing, Kay loves spending time outdoors camping and fishing with her family. As a mother of four girls, she also enjoys finding new ways to empower her daughters to be strong, loving women.

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