Review: Cruising for Love by Ann Omasta

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What it’s about:

Being selected to star on the new reality television show, Cruising for Love, is a dream come true for effervescent Ruthie Rose. Having always enjoyed being the center of attention, the lure of a free Caribbean cruise, the opportunity to find a steamy love interest, and the chance to become an internet sensation are too tempting to turn down. Without bothering to read the pesky contract, Ruthie signs on the dotted line and sets sail on her high seas adventure. Join Ruthie as she navigates the many twists, turns, and crushing tidal waves of drama the producers have in store for her on the not-so-real reality show, Cruising for Love.

This novel is part of The Escape Series, which includes the Kindle Scout winning book, Getting Lei’d, as well as its prequel novella, Aloha, Baby! The books in this series are standalone novels that do not have cliffhanger endings. They share characters, but are designed so they can be read in any order.

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Cruising for Love by Ann Omasta is the second book in her The Escape Series. The books in the series are romantic comedies. Each book can be read as a standalone, however, I think they’d be more enjoyed if read in order.

Cruising is Ruthie’s story. Readers first meet Ruthie in Getting Lei’d (her older sister Roxy’s story). Ruthie is light-hearted and a bit fluffy. She doesn’t seem to have a worry or care in the world, except that she is occasionally melancholy over “the one that got away”. She is a magnet for accidents of all sorts, and she regales her family and friends with her antics regularly.

When a reality TV producer overhears Ruthie sharing her latest tales with friends, he approaches her with an opportunity of a life time! Ruthie, being who she is, signs on the dotted line without reading the contract. As you can imagine, she is in for quite a surprise, and the biggest surprise is that she has to marry a guy who she has never met. Since she can’t afford to reimburse the producer for the money they’ve spent on her transport, she settles in to do the show.

Isolated from friends and family, Ruthie gets herself into all sorts of situations—just as the producer had planned. Her one ally is her assigned stylist, Sal. He is in her corner from start to finish. He pretties her up and then wipes away her tears with each twist and turn the producers throw at her. The behind-the-scenes view of a reality show production shines a light on all the very-staged scenes and uber-edited dialogue. If you are a reality TV show junkie, this might change your mind! It was hard not to laugh, but it was really easy to be disgusted with the reality behind reality TV shows.

The secondary characters are a mixed bag of semi-developed characters. The lack of development has to do with the lack of real interaction the reality stars have with one another as well the show’s intention of a big reveal at the end of the reality program run. It only adds to the plot and ultimate enjoyment of the novel. The story is told from Ruthie’s point of view, and there is never a dull moment in the fast-paced plot.

I mentioned that Cruising for Love is a romantic comedy, but I have intentional left out any information about who the love interest might be. Just like the producers of the show, I’m saving that for the big reveal at the end of the book. Cruising for Love is the perfect entertainment for a summer afternoon by the pool or an escape from a dreary winter day.


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