Review: The Social Media Series by J.A. Huss (audiobook)

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The Social Media Series by J.A. Huss

The six book serial was originally published in 2014, and is now available as a two-part audiobook.

Social (Books 1-3) on Audible




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Media (Books 4-6) on Audible







What it’s about:


Social: The Social Media Series, Books 1-3

Grace Kinsella is social. But she likes the anonymity of being a blue bird on Twitter, where she can shoot arrows of pithy filth at her favorite movie star. Virtual love is right up her alley.

Vaughn Asher is dominant. But only in private. A former child actor turned mega-movie action hero, Vaughn knows how to navigate a world filled with paparazzi, avoid the tabloids, and have his fun, too.

Worlds collide on Saint Thomas when Grace comes face to face with the muse who has propelled her into dirty-tweeting stardom online. And he’s got an offer she can’t refuse. After all, how many people get a chance to live out their sexual fantasies with the man of their dreams? Too bad the man of her dreams turns out to be a #dick.

Social is a three-book bundle consisting of Follow, Like, and Block from the best-selling Social Media series.

Media: The Social Media Series, Books 4-6

Vaughn finally realizes Grace is much more than a submissive he can control. He wants more. More of everything. More nights together, more mornings together, more years together. They connect in a way he never imagined. He wants the happily ever after and he wants it with Grace.

But everyone has a past, and Grace and Vaughn are about to come face to face with people they thought they left behind. Real life collides with fantasy, and only facing the truth will get them through. Is Vaughn really a hero? Or does he just play one on TV? And does Grace really need saving? Or is she stronger than she thought?

Media is a three-book bundle consisting of Status, Profile, and Home from the best-selling Social Media series.


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☆☆➹⁀☆5 stars☆➹⁀☆☆


J.A. Huss knows how to create interesting characters and keep readers riveted as she reveals all their secrets.

I loved the character development in Follow, the first book in the series. Grace and Vaughn are a mixed bag of all-messed-up, and when they meet the fireworks start. Ms. Huss made me want to like them but not quite be able to. I vacillated between being riveted and disgusted by the choices they made.

Huss is the master of outwardly strong but truly fragile and damaged female characters who eventually come into their own. Her men are a beautiful blend of machismo and tenderness. Grace and Vaughn are perfect examples. Grace is strong and weak at the same time. Vaughn attempts to protect his public image and shield his preferences from gossip mongers while awkwardly acting the BDSM Dom replete with contracts and NDAs; while he takes care of his partners financially, the commitment-phobe leaves them (and himself) high and dry emotionally.

The interjections of hashtag comments, social media banter and faux pas was a fabulous injection of humor. The depiction of the lavish lifestyle of Hollywood royalty was mind blowing. The segue between books four and five was excellent. The loose inclusion of characters from her other series is fun for long-time fans. For the overall series, the plot was compelling. The pace of the story and the character development were perfect.

Some will see Follow (Social Media #1) as demeaning but it is all about the character introduction and plot set up. If you’re new to JA Huss’ writing, you may not like or even finish Follow (If you are new to this author, you might want to start with her Rook & Ronin series to appreciate her writing). You really have to read the entire Social Media series to appreciate how the characters grow individually and together. Is it totally redemptive? I’m not telling. Is there an HEA? You’ll have to read all six books to find out (but you can probably guess). Is it a standard romance? Definitely not! There is a strong romance aspect to it, but that little something extra that Huss adds to the mix makes it so much more.

Narrated by: Mark KamishAutum Clark

***For mature audiences.




Graphics courtesy of the author and her street team.





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