Review: Finding Sarah Miller by Christina McGrath


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☆☆➹⁀☆ 1.5 stars☆➹⁀☆☆


What it’s about:

Finding Sarah Miller is a journey of self-discovery.
Given the opportunity to start all over again, Sarah sets off on a road trip across America alone. In search of meaning and purpose, she does her best to open herself up to new possibilities and relationships.
Finding Sarah Miller will take you on the journey with Sarah, as she grows in strength and courage, finding the love of her life, new friendships and devastating heartbreak.
With the shocking realization of how complicated life can get, Sarah finds solace in her new friendships, but is this really the right decision?
Sarah’s resolve will be tested, but will ultimately guide her to what she is looking for…herself.
Please note this book contains Adult themes and is not suitable for people under 18.

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Guest Review from Jennie:

“Finding Sarah Miller” is described as a book about a woman who sets off across the country to find herself after a divorce.  Written in first person voice, the book gives the reader a front-row seat as Sarah and her sons follow her ex-husband and his new wife from Australia to America.  While there, Sarah decides to take off by herself in order to explore and learn who she is now in this new life. First stop: Vegas (where else). Of course, she meets new friends as well as a sexy new man, MMA fighter Marcus Anderson.
And this is where the book began to lose me. Because instead of reading a story of Sarah finding herself again, I found myself reading a first hand account of Sarah finding her sexuality again. And again. And again. Through pages and pages of steamy sex scenes. And yet, instead of enjoying herself, she agonizes over her choices, wondering if she’s doing the right thing getting so involved with sexy dude.
Halfway through the book, she still hasn’t gone anywhere but places with sexy man (she’s come in a lot of those places, though, so there’s that).  She’s discovered a new talent as a photographer, but not much else about herself and what she wants from life. Meanwhile that first person narrative continues clunking awkwardly along, with the author giving Sarah trite and repetitive words about her life: luxurious stretching, soothing showers, beautiful sunsets, her lovely house, and yummy burgers. Oh, and hot sex. Which when you read about constantly in first person, starts to feel a tad voyeuristic. I might need a shower, and not in a good way.
I’m sorry to say that I can’t finish this book, and I’m sad about that. Despite it all, I like Sarah. We could be friends. I’m rooting for her to find herself!  And while I’m thrilled she’s getting it on so much, I’m wondering how she’s doing it without any negative side effects (I mean, how are you not pulling any muscles, Sarah?! Damn, girl!).  I have no idea whether this book corrects in the back half what it started in the first half, but I hope Sarah finds herself eventually. And maybe some cranberry juice and some ibuprofen.
One and a half stars for a character I cared about, and the obvious work (research?!) it took to come up with all those many and varied sex scenes.

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