Review: Changing Nature by April White


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What it’s about:

Immortal Descendants are disappearing one by one, and seventeen-year-old Clocker Saira Elian is next on the list…

Saira and Archer’s London summer is carefree and romantic, until a brazen attempt to capture Saira looks suspiciously like the handiwork of the Descendants of War. When the kidnappings of other Descendants come to light and Mr. Shaw is taken for questioning under threat to his family, Saira realizes that for herself and young Shifter Connor, Time is the only refuge.

But one danger is merely exchanged for another. Believing that their time-warping nemesis Bishop Wilder may have fled Elizabethan England for medieval France, Saira and her friends emerge onto the gloomy streets of Paris in 1429 to find it besieged by marauding wolves. When they encounter an illiterate peasant girl, whose deeds as Joan of Arc are extolled in an obscure sixteenth century book, but are unknown in their modern history, they realize the wolves may be the least of their problems.

As Saira, Archer, and Ringo reunite to track down Wilder, they are faced with increasing evidence that time has been split and history altered. Crossing the time stream to repair it drops them in the heart of a battle, where friends are enemies, and foes are lethal. And in a fight for their lives, they encounter an old friend to whom Time as not been kind. To help him heal and end the deadly game of cat and mouse with Wilder once and for all, Saira must confront her greatest challenge yet: the truth about her changing Nature.

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Guest Reviewer Joe Says:

Changing Nature by April White is the third book in the Immortal Descendants five book series.

As is typical for lead character Saira, the book opens with a pleasant night out in London, however, that quickly turns into a high speed foot chase with a Monger at her heels. It’s not much of a spoiler if I tell you that with help, Saira manages to escape. The question is, for how long?

In this installment author White gives us additional clarity into the Immortal Descendants. We find out more of their origins, their source of power and their motivations. We also find that the stalemate of power between the Descendent Families is no longer in play. It would appear that the Descendants of War have thrown the first punch in the form of mass kidnapping of other Descendant Family members. Not surprisingly, we find that our time traveling evil Bishop Wilder may have instigated some of this activity from the past. Hence, our time traveling entourage find themselves in Paris 1429. To add further drama to an already dramatic storyline, Saira and crew discover that time and history have been altered…significantly…and perhaps permanently!

April White again skillfully writes the usual group of Descendants, good Bishop, bad Bishop, and kindly academic while mixing in a historical character or two. White is never satisfied with the status quo, but enjoys writing her characters, a bit out of character, while gently and lovingly manipulating commonly accepted history. White continues to excel at historical narration and historical romance, but, more in this book than previously, she shows us her skill at writing suspense and drama! Each of the characters in this book seem to be at a critical crossroads as are the various storylines and White expertly uses foreshadowing and surprise to create tension and suspense. Worded differently, the reader will likely experience the same emotions as do the characters! Changing Nature is a must read!


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