Review: Waging War by April White


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What it’s about:

War is being waged against the Descendants and Saira Elian is desperate to stop the Mongers’ savage bid for power…

Saira’s search for kidnapped mixed-bloods draws her into the Mongers’ stronghold, revealing the horrible truth behind the irresistible Monger ring and the vile plan to cleanse Family bloodlines … permanently.

To prevent a brutal massacre, Saira and Ringo travel back to Bletchley Park during World War II where they team up with Archer from the past to crack a Nazi code and expose a Monger traitor intent on changing the course of history. They team with a female commando from the French resistance to hunt down an elite unit of Monger soldiers – Hitler’s Werewolves – before the terror squad can strike a fatal blow at the heart of the Allied war effort.

Their desperate manhunt drags Saira, Archer, and Ringo into the London underground on the eve of a Nazi bombing raid where they come face-to-face with the Monger assassin on a suicide mission to split Time. With the lives of all mixed-bloods in peril, Saira must make a sacrifice that even Time and love may never forgive.

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Guest Reviewer Joe Says:

Waging War by April White is book four in her Immortal Descendants series. This book might easily be subtitled Innocence Lost. Each character by turns finds that their personal world is not quite what it seems to be and likely never will be again.

Set against World War II and in Nazi Germany, Saira finds that death can be as casual as a leaf falling from a tree. Only the bonds we choose to hold have any hope of surviving. Secrets, Code breaking, self-sacrifice, the French Resistance, Werewolves and betrayal are among the themes in this fast paced offering. As this is book four of five I would not have been surprised if our author had given us a moment to catch our collective breath, but that was not to be. Instead, White chose to send Saira and a tiny entourage into the blackest moment of the twentieth century.

Further complicating this time traveling jaunt is the fact that one cannot visit a time when he or she was alive, thus leaving Archer to mind things back home. Don’t worry, he has plenty to keep him busy. New characters are introduced. Heroes and villains abound; notable as much for their overt actions as their sins of omission. If good and bad are black and white, then expect a rainbow of grey at times. Also, expect author White to find some beauty, solace and calm in that mad world and for a few quick moments, everyone forgets there is a war in play.

Author April White excels in visual word painting; I’ve said that before and I’m saying it again. Her prose are crisp and clear. The writing is top notch, provocative and by turns visual and visceral. This is the last stop before book five! Yes, there are a few cliff hangers, but White is right there with us on the cliff! I’m ready for book five!

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The final installment of the Immortal Descendants Series releases January 24th!


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