Review: Alibi Aficionado by Harvey Church


☆☆➹⁀☆ 5 stars☆➹⁀☆☆



What it’s about:

Edwin Burrows, CPA, can’t do anything right. Not marriage, not office etiquette, not saving his boss’s daughter, not even public accounting. So when he’s tasked with constructing an alibi for the firm’s biggest client, everyone has low expectations. Including Edwin.

In Alibi Aficionado, Edwin Burrows is an accidental investigator, an accountant without tact or a filter, or any kind of interest for investigations. A cross between Myron Bolitar and Archy McNally, Edwin says, does and behaves in the strangest manner.

Cursed with an investigation that’s doomed from the start, Edwin knows that everyone expects him to fail. But when the police arrest the all-important client, tensions rise at the firm and the stakes get as big as they’ll ever be. Edwin must decide whether he will use his knowledge to be the hero that helps a guilty man avoid prosecution, or be a zero by telling the truth and burying the firm.


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Harvey Church’s debut Novel, Alibi Aficionado, is quite a fun read. Given that main character Edwin Burrows is not a detective, Alibi Aficionado could be considered a cozy mystery. I truly enjoyed the dry humor and realism that Mr. Church has infused in his characters.

Edwin Burrows is a thoroughly likable and relatable character. He knows that being a CPA isn’t glamorous. He knows he is not the hottest dude on the boulevard, but he also knows what he has to offer, and he works with it.

“Professional dot connector, part-time CPA.”

Edwin has few filters, and he has been outspoken a few too many times at the office. In fact, his latest assignment at the office feels like a punishment for his indiscretions at the office Christmas party.

The bevy of secondary characters add much to the story as well as to Edwin’s successful conclusion of his assignment. I particularly liked Rachel, the boss’ daughter. She is wild, and she pushes Edwin to the edge of his envelope. I equally liked and disliked the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Burrows. How could she not appreciate Edwin’s steadfast character? How could she remain so calm and understanding when Edwin acts irrational? And Arjun….the best tertiary character ever!

he plot is well paced. There is never a dull moment. Between Edwin’s charm, his ex-wife, and his newly found friends and lovers, there is a lot going on! I don’t want to give too much of the plot away, because that would ruin the fun. I will say that Mr. Church had me guessing until the end. Harvey Church is funny. He has a way with words; I found myself smirking or chuckling frequently throughout this book.

Alibi Aficionado is not only an excellent debut novel; it is a fabulous start to a promising series!







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