Review: The Tryst by Milana Raziel


☆☆➹⁀☆ 5 stars☆➹⁀☆☆


What it’s about:

It was supposed to be a one and done.

A night of filthy fun.

An itch to be scratched.

Return to our mutual corners of campus and continue to ignore each other’s existence.

But that’s not what happened . . .

The King of Campus and his tutor are back and playing with fire. With a standing appointment of kinky sex and a contract to guarantee no one gets burnt, we sign away our hearts on the dotted line… One rule: No falling in love.

What could go wrong?

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My Thoughts:

The Tryst is Milana Raziel’s follow up to her debut novella, The Lesson. The writing quality and the flow of the narrative make this duet very easy to read.  The duet stories are part of C.D. Reiss’ Drazen World where approved fan fiction explores tangential story lines of Ms. Reiss’ characters featured in her Submission Series.

The Tryst continues where The Lesson left off. The story is told from both Jonathan and Missy’s point of view even though it is still Lena Corradi musing on her past tryst with a well-known billionaire. I felt that I got a much better picture of Jonathan in The Tryst. His point of view felt very intimate (and not just in the sex scenes).   Ms. Raziel’s Jonathan felt true to the original author’s character, and that made The Lesson and The Tryst feel like a perfect prequel to the Submission Series.

The inclusion of the famed Drazen eldest sibling, Margie, made Missy and Jonathan’s saucy connection all the more realistic (at least in terms of the fictional Drazen family).

“My sister was a Chanel-clad Boudicca, always moving, thinking, working. Dispenser of wisdom wrapped in the disguise of sardonic one-liners.” –Jonathan

I loved Ms. Raziel’s take on Margie, as well as her depiction of the conflict with which Jonathan struggled. Jonathan’s responses and behavior are the perfect explanation to his behavior in Ms. Reiss’ Submission Series.

Beauty, love and pain are so frequently thrown together in works of fiction. Ms. Raziel’s latest novel exquisitely includes all three. While the ending might, at first, seem bittersweet, The Tryst offers readers a well-educated, successful female lead who is strong enough to hold the good memories close without letting loss affect her future. Missy/Lena Corradi is the master of her destiny.

Due to the explicit content of this story, it is not recommended for readers under the age of 18.




Book One in the duet: The Lesson

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Review: The Lesson by Milana Raziel

About the author:

screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-3-55-09-pm Milana Raziel is the exotic pen name for a not so exotic, peripatetic litigator who has had a life-long love hate relationship with words. Mostly love, but she hated the fact that adjectives and adverbs were frowned upon in her chosen profession. After years of making up stories in her head to pass the time in really boring depositions, she decided to get her adverb on and try committing them to paper.

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