Review: Titanic’s Doom by Roxanne Greening

Titanic's Doom (The Chronicles Of Rocky And Bink: Aka The Steam Punk Kid and The Grim Reaper Book 1)
 ☆☆➹⁀☆ 3 stars☆➹⁀☆☆

What it’s About:

I was living the life of a normal ten year old when it all changed. The very moment it all changed you ask? I would say it was the moment I escaped my bully named Bull.

But it could be the moment I ran through Binx.
One minute I was just Rocky and the next I was the savior of humanity.
Join us as we travel through time to collect all the pieces to keep Mr. Moon the diabolical genuis locked away. If we fail the world as we know it will be gone….
Oh and mystical creature, Zombies, and the Angel Of Death himself are all apart of the journey.

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Jennie’s Thoughts:

This short, snappy tale introduces us to Rocky and Binx. Rocky is an ordinary 10-year-old until he walks into Binx – literally! Binx then takes Rocky (who wants to be called the Steam Punk Kid) back in time to save the world, interact with zombies, and keep Mr. Moon locked up. I really enjoyed Rocky and his funny way of thinking and reacting. He’s a real kid. As a contrast, I would have liked a more formal tone for Binx. It would have made a clearer distinction between the characters. As is, the casual writing style, lacking punctuation and stringing words and thoughts together with few breaks felt sloppy when applied to all the characters. It was sometimes difficult to read, but ultimately didn’t distract from the story. I think this and the series would make a great graphic novel!

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