Review: Keys to my Diary–Trixie by Ann Omasta

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What it’s about:

Do you ever wish you had an identical twin? I bet you think it would be like having a built-in best friend. You might imagine that the two of you would spend all of your time together, finish each other’s sentences, and share a special, secret bond that only the two of you can truly understand.

For me, the reality of being a twin is far removed from that wonderful fantasy. Despite our almost identical appearances, Nixie is better than me at everything. She is the smart one, the pretty one, the athletic one, the one with the magnetic personality, the witty one… the list goes on and on. Everyone prefers her over me––even our own parents. I have gotten used to it, but that doesn’t mean I like it.

A couple of years ago, in a grand show of independence, I moved down to Key Largo, Florida. I wanted to escape from my sister’s shadow and begin building a life of my own. I think I have done a great job of it, too. I even started writing in this journal, which it looks like you’ve found. I don’t mind, though––I have nothing to hide, or do I?

When a tragic twist of fate suddenly pulls me back into Nixie’s shining orbit, I feel like my newly found confidence and autonomous lifestyle are at risk.

Am I ever going to find someone who will choose me over my twin?

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My Thoughts:

Keys To My Diary-Trixie is Ann Omasta’s second spinoff of her original Keys to My Diary (released June 2014 and later retitled Keys to My Diary – Fern). I loved Ms. Omasta’s original novel, and each of her spinoff novellas have been fun reads as well.

Trixie is relatively new to the Florida Keys. She is there not only because she loved the weather, but also to be as far away from her twin sister, Nixie, as possible. Following in Fern and Marina’s footsteps, Trixie starts a diary/journal. She finds it cathartic to rant about people’s perceptions of her and her sister and parents treatment of her. On a positive note, Trixie uses her new diary to set some goals and make some much needed changes in her life.

I can’t say that I warmed up to Trixie as a character, but that isn’t always necessary in order to enjoy a book. Tribe is blond, built and outdoorsy. She opted out of college and into a SCUBA certification. From her journal entries it is obvious that she is hurt by all the “dumb blonde” teasing, but she does give acquaintances plenty of fodder by coming off as kind-hearted but vacuous.

Through Trixies’s journal entries, readers learn of her family crisis, friends’ happiness, and Trixie’s new love-of-her-life. Keys to My Diary-Trixie is a quick, light-hearted beach read that is perfect for an afternoon at the beach or pool!


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Start the series with book 1, Keys To My Diary–Fern which is currently free at Amazon!!

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