Review: Noelle by Arden Aoide

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☆☆➹⁀☆ 4 stars☆➹⁀☆☆


What it’s about:

Your mama would call me a whore.
I am not.
I don’t need the money.
I just liked a good seein’ to. To be known, Old Testament-style.
I’m a psychiatrist with a specialty in sex, and collecting data doesn’t end when I shut my office door. And I’ll use any old excuse to justify my reckless behavior.
But it’s a small world, and sometimes past lovers fall into your lap. (Literally.)
Ones that ripped your heart from your chest.
I don’t know if I want it.
I don’t know if my heart will let me have it.
I don’t know if I will catch fire, tear my thrumming stitches, or drown.
It doesn’t matter. Because  Tyrone is coming with me.
He might not wish he did.
He might want to run.

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My Thoughts:

Noelle by Arden Aoide is the fourth book in the Dishabille sextet. As with the other novellas in the series, Noelle is set in Miranda’s adult club, Dishabille.

Noelle and Tyrone meet again through an online hook-up service. They didn’t appreciate each other enough during their initial relationship, but the memory of one another haunts each of them. This time around will it be different? Will they give in to their longings and dreams?

The banter between the characters is smart and funny. The sexual tension is as thick as a “spoon-standing” chowder. In her usual fashion, Ms. Arden’s wry humor and wit shine throughout her story. Noelle is a sexually-charged, and-and-mouse story that will leave you melted from the after burn.

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