Review: Cold Memory by Harvey Church

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☆☆➹⁀☆ 4.5 stars☆➹⁀☆☆


What it’s about:

A rare, degenerative memory disease causes Niles’s memory to reset. He has 30 days before the next reset, before he loses his memory once again. As he races against the clock to set things straight with the people who matter most to him, Niles discovers a way to capture his new memories and hold onto them forever… without having to ever experience another reset.

The only problem is that it comes at a price he and the people he loves aren’t quite willing to pay.

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Guest Reviewer Tom’s Thoughts:

Harvey Church has written a compelling and intense novel about coping with one’s own death and saying goodbye to the ones we love.  I found this engaging book difficult to put down. The characters, the premise and the story tension drew me in from the start!

Lead character Niles Keade faces the dilemma of walking away from the three loves of his life by accepting “treatment” for chronic memory loss which could itself result in death, or continue suffering memory resets which cause his former self to “die” and be reborn every 30 days, forced to rebuild each of these relationships from scratch in a race against time.

The pace of the book is wonderfully tense as Niles desperately seeks to find his own cure by pushing the experimental health technology envelope in his own startup company. Along the way, Niles seeks to help a New York celebrity find peace with his dying wife. Niles is overcome by the deep love they share, something he longs for himself but finds elusive due to the interruptions caused by his memory loss. The tension builds further as we realize that the difference between success and certain death for both Niles and his company is the proverbial one software glitch away.

At its core, the book is a wonderful story full of human sentiment and undying love. In Nile’s effort to make his precious happy moments find more permanence, Harvey Church delivers four expertly crafted, interwoven, and unique expressions of true love relationships heightened by Nile’s desperation to overcome his (and indeed our own) fate and preserve them for eternity.


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