Review: Five by J.A. Huss

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☆☆➹⁀☆5 stars☆➹⁀☆☆


What it’s about:

Five Aston has known Rory Shrike for as long as he can remember. He played with her in the sandbox. He went to every damn horse show just to be supportive. He helped her with her French, walked her home from school, and faked his test scores just to stay with her a little longer and not be sent off to college early.
But eventually he had to move on.
And so did she.
Never has a second chance meant so much to a boy who loves a girl.

A standalone book that is also a spin-off of the Rook & Ronin Series and prequel to the Mister Series. You can read it first, you can read it last.

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My Thoughts:

Five. What can I say about Five?

“There’s five senses and five fingers. Five toes and five vowels in the English language. There’s five Great Lakes, and give points on a star… Five golden rings in that song. Five people in the Scooby-Doo show. Five digits in a zip code, five days in the work week…”

I thought that Spencer Shrike and Veronica Vaughn were my very favorite couple ever, but Princess Shrike (AKA Rory) and Five Aston are the epitome of a love story. These characters were the start of the second generation of the Rook & Ronin series. Their introduction as the cutest kindergarteners since the beginning of time created a fan frenzy for more, more, more of these characters and their deliciously fated love story.

I fell in love with J.A. Huss’ writing when I read her first book in the Rook & Ronin series, Tragic. Every book, every character since has made me care more and made me feel more intensely than I have about any other character or story line. Her latest, Five, is the perfect book. It is a prequel, a sequel, a standalone novel. First time readers will love the book, but will not catch every nuance and tie in to previous books. Avid fans will have their minds blown at the amazing storyline arc and tie in to multiple series from author J.A. Huss. Oh, by the way, my fellow avid fans will agree that author J.A. Huss is the Queen of Conspiracy. She can write the most twisted conspiracy embedded in the hottest romance ever!

“People don’t get this lucky, Five”

“We’re not people, Rory. We’re made of moonlight and twinkling stars, and the night.”

Five takes readers through the start of Rory and Five’s relationship from childhood to the present. They grew from adorable to tragic long-distance lovers. In the present, Five and Rory prove that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and that is about as “spoilerish” as this review is going to get.

In this book, J.A. Huss ripped my heart out, stomped on it, and then, when I flat-lined, she, eventually, gave my heart a reason to beat again. This is definitely a read-in-one sitting book. There was a point in the book, when Huss literally took my breath away. I wasn’t sure my heart would survive if I continued to read. I am in complete awe of this author. Each and every book is amazing. Her intellect, sensuality, and romantic tendency shine through in each book as does her genius ability to tie multiple series arcs together. J.A. Huss is a master storyteller, and I can’t recommend her latest book more!



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