Review: The Dirty Book Club by Lisi Harrison

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☆☆➹⁀☆5 stars☆➹⁀☆☆

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Guest Reviewer Tom’s Thoughts:

Lisi Harrison’s The Dirty Book Club is a sublimely well-crafted story and incredibly fun; it is just an all-round great read.

From the secrets of the Club passed down through a generation we are treated to a powerful story of friendship and bonding that develops first among, and then between the generations. The intimacy gained in discussing dirty classics is enough to propel each woman to open up and lay bare their own feelings and help guide each other through enough tough self-reflection to accept the past, or to take on the future without fear. All through the story these women learn from each other–in ways you would not expect–how to be true to themselves.

Throughout, Ms. Harrison treats us to robust character development, effortless writing, and exquisite turns of phrase that had me highlighting their cleverness at each occurrence. Subtle sarcasm and laugh-out-loud humor are in abundance as the characters explore their own and each other’s loves, lives, and relationships aided by group discussion of each intimate Book Club read.

Especially poignant is Ms. Harrison’s careful characterization of the growing bond between unlikely acquaintances of the second generation Book Club into lifelong friends.

If that’s not enough, Ms. Harrison treats us to a wonderfully written conclusion, deftly revealing the bonds between generations as the last of the Dirty Book Club secrets unfold.

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