Review: Mr. & Mrs. by J.A. Huss

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What It’s About:

Mr. Perfect, Mr. Romantic, Mr. Corporate, Mr. Mysterious, and Mr. Match found what they were looking for and now it’s time to seal the deal. Five Aston hasn’t quite found his happily ever after yet… not quite. But he will. And he’s about to host the party of the century for all his family and friends.

If you loved Happily Ever After, you can’t miss this one either. It’s the delicious cherry on top of the most perfect dessert and all your favorite characters will be back for one… final… swoon-worthy story.

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My Thoughts: 

Julie A. Huss writes the best epilogue stories. Her latest, Mr. & Mrs., is the highly anticipated epilogue to her Misters series. Ms. Huss’ creates mind-bogglingly complex story arcs that run through a series, and in each of her series, she gives her readers characters they can’t help but love. They are imperfect, tragic, wounded, but inwardly strong and good. When one of Huss’ series ends, I’m equally happy, satisfied, and sad. I get so invested in Huss’ characters, that I am sad to let them go (even after a perfect series culmination). So, when Ms. Huss announces she is writing a series HEA story, it is a “one-click” purchase for me.

Huss’ stories are usually deliciously mysterious and thrilling suspenseful romances, so getting a highly romantic and humorous series wrap-up is a real treat. Huss has again proven her writing talent across multiple genres. Mr. & Mrs. is absolutely hilarious! This fabulous story is about all the Misters tying the knot. They’re planning the perfect group wedding amongst immediate family and the best of friends. These friends are extended family, and like most family gatherings, if something could go wrong, it did. Every bit of the ensuing chaos is perfection.

I could gush and gush about how delightful and perfectly fitting this story is, but all the fun in reading is in experiencing the plot fresh as you go. I will say that I loved the Ford Aston and Veronica and Spencer Shrike cameo appearances. Mr. Romantic as the fearful father of a girl wanting to learn how to best parent a daughter is hilarious. Following in their parents’ footsteps, Rory and Cindy have found their soul mates, their other half, and their stories are heart-melting.

This book is full of laugh-out-loud moments, touching parenting moments, and swoony scenes that made me sigh out an “Ahhhh”. Wild animals, feral kittens, precocious children, and a whole lot of girl power and sister love make this one of the sweetest, funniest, madcap love stories. I just wish I could see the wedding photos!

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