Thanksgiving Giveaway

Dear Friends, Family and Followers,

I love autumn.  It is my favorite time of year: the brisk weather, the brilliantly colored foliage, the crunch of leaves as you rake, and rake, and rake them into piles for your children to play in!

While I enjoy the fun and frivolity of Halloween, I love Thanksgiving.  Who doesn’t love a day devoted to overeating yummy food?  Seriously, as much as I adore all the culinary delights of the day, I really love that the day is about spending time with family and friends and contemplating all that you’ve been blessed with.  One of my many blessings is the fantastic friendships that have stemmed from my love of reading, and another blessing are the followers and supporters of my blog.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 8.04.28 AM

(Photo credit to Charles M. Schulz’ A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving)


To show my appreciation for you all, I’m giving away two paperback books from two wonderful authors: Colleen Hoover and Lisa Renee Jones.  Sorry, the delightful ceramic collection–courtesy of one of my talented sons– is not included.


Again, thank you for following my blog and all your support!  Enter here for you chance to win these two fantastic reads: A Rafflecopter Giveaway

Since this giveaway is to show thanks to my followers, winners will be chosen from those who have signed up to follow this blog.  

I’d be really, really thankful if you’d share the giveaway and encourage your friends to follow Book Junkie Reviews!

13 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Giveaway

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  1. This year we will go to my mom’s for Thanksgiving! We alternate between my family and my husband’s family each year. I love all the yummy food, watching football, and playing games with everyone. My favorite food is the fried turkey, green bean casserole and stuffing! OH and let’s not forget the wine…LOL!

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  2. We celebrate Thanksgiving with my family this year, so we will go up to my mom’s. I’m excited to eat all the yummy food, watch football and play games with the family. I can’t wait for fried turkey, green bean casserole and stuffing!!! Oh and let’s not forget the wine…LOL!

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  3. This year we’re celebrating Thanksgiving with my husband’s family. His sister is having everyone over and it’s her first time hosting a holiday. We usually have holidays at our house, so this will be a nice change (no messy clean-up after everyone leaves lol).

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  4. Usually we celebrate with my husband’s family (my family live in a different state) we rotate houses. This year my husband and I have decided that it would be a little to hard to have or participate in a big family affair after just losing my mother so recently. It will be just our little family of 3 with a great thanksgiving dinner and giving thanks for those we still have.

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  5. I am SO, incredibly thankful for this time of year. I am thankful for the amazing love and support of our family and friends, and we are very blessed. One of my personal and most thankful blessings was the birth of my son. 17 years ago the Friday after this Thanksgiving, I gave birth to the most amazing and blessed gifts I could’ve ever imagined. We had Thanksgiving dinner, I was literally “stuffed”, went home feeling amazing for being 9+months pregnant, and about 3 hours later, we headed to the hospital. My son was born the Friday after
    Thanksgiving and gave me the most perfect gift of thanks EVER. Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate and give thanks to all of our family and friends, but for my family, it is also most certainly a time to give love and thanks for the most handsome, perfect, amazing son any mother could ask for. 💗

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  6. I love spending Thanksgiving with my family watching Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, eating turkey, and being surrounded by people I love.


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