Review: Perfect Match by Lila Monroe

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☆☆➹⁀☆3 stars☆➹⁀☆☆

What it’s about:

I have sixty days to make this maverick billionaire fall in love… with somebody else!

Jack Callahan has the hottest smile in tech. And as for his ass…ets – well, there’s a reason he’s the biggest playboy in town. But thanks to douche-bro investors and my snake of a college nemesis (don’t ask), he’s also my last shot to take my new dating app from kick-ass idea to world-conquering, million-dollar reality.

There’s just one problem: he doesn’t believe you can make a program for love.

With my future on the line, I set him a challenge: if I can use the app to find his soulmate, he’ll invest in my company. Simple, right?


It turns out, Jack’s cocky attitude pushes my buttons – in all the sexiest, most infuriating ways. My research tells me he’s the absolute worst guy in the world for me… so why can’t I keep my hands off him?

And with my deadline approaching fast, how will I choose between my big break – or a broken heart?


My Thoughts:

The Perfect match by Lila Monroe is book 5 in her Lucky in Love series.  Each book can be read as a standalone.  In Ms. Monroe’s latest contemporary romance, she pairs a budding entrepreneur, McKenna, with a very successful venture capitalist (VC).  Is McKenna’s research in developing an algorithm to find one’s soulmate correct, or do opposites attract?  McKenna and her staff are very confident in their work, but working with Jack might force her to relook at her work.

McKenna is all work and no play.  She’s had plenty of horrific prior relationships, and naturally that has influenced her development of the perfect matchmaking/dating website.  When she pitches her project to the hunky VC guru, Jack, she has no idea how difficult it will be to find his perfect match and prove her algorithm works. I loved McKenna’s confidence and tenacity.  She had the perfect qualities for a successful businesswoman and mentor to teen girls looking to follow in her footsteps.

Jack is a gorgeous, wildly successful man who keeps his past and personal endeavors to himself.  It takes a while, but he eventually opens up and shows McKenna a much more interesting side than his public persona.  And that public persona depicts him as a rich, successful player.  His attitude—especially about the perfect mate—is straight of the 1950s or The Stepford Wives!  When fellow VCs start taking notice of McKenna’s work, Jack gets serious about funding McKenna’s project as well as promoting her talents as a sound business woman.  Is Jack only protecting his investment?

Author Lila Monroe touches on the added struggles women face in the work place without being overbearing or preachy.  The Perfect Match is a quick-paced, angst-filled office romance.  The little tie into Ms. Monroe’s prior book, Mr. Right Now, is nice and subtle.  I really enjoyed this light, fun read!


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