Review: Fat Jimmy and the Blind Ballerina By: Eddie Owens

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☆☆➹⁀☆3.5 stars☆➹⁀☆☆


What it’s about:

This is the story of one young man’s desire for comedy fame: a tale of ambition and humiliation on the way to the top.

Fat Jimmy is a cynical, young comedian and writer, who desperately wants to make it to the big time. He wants it all and he wants it now.

Fat Jimmy loves women; he loves booze and he loves comedy. He is sweary and controversial, but always funny and always memorable.


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Guest reviewer Frannie’s thoughts:

If you have any sense of humor, how can you pass up a book with the title, “Fat Jimmy and the Blind Ballerina.”  You knew it was going to be funny—and that is exactly what the book was, from start to finish. I did find it a bit slow at the beginning, surprised by a lot of Scottish slang and the graphic, crude language.  But, once you were able to get into the head of 26-year-old Jimmy Punchinello (Fat Jimmy) and you learned more about his family and all the characters, it was an entertaining, smooth read.

Fat Jimmy (who is not actually fat, by the way) is the youngest child in a large, determined and ambitious family.  At the beginning he is a struggling standup comedian who is always getting drunk and chasing women.  Well, that never really stops, but as the story unfolds you accept his vices, because you understand his vision and his determination to become a star in the entertainment world.  The humor is controversial and crass in many parts, and you watch Fat Jimmy struggle to participate in a reality TV show, be kicked off, and have his script stolen by someone who was once his best friend. Given all this, it makes sense why the humor is so cynical and sarcastic.

Fat Jimmy is true and honest with his friends and his family, which opens up questions about why he is always getting himself into these crazy situations.  Although I didn’t relate to him as a person at first with his heavy drinking, womanizing and colorful comedian acts, I learned to respect the character for his hard work, dedication and commitment to his family and friends.

This book was an amusing read once you get into the flow, and an easy read for a rainy day or day at the beach.



About the Author:  Eddie Owens was born in Glasgow, Scotland.   He writes contemporary fiction with humor, comedy and satire.   Follow Eddie Owens at

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