Excerpt and Giveaway: Raincheck by Marlo Lanz

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What it’s about:

Raincheck ~ a slightly twisted, romantic story.


Ty Benson is tall, dark, delicious – and done with women. As the singer for the iconic rock band Raincheck, Ty is sick of women chasing after him. He’s sworn off relationships, enjoying the simplicity that celibacy brings. Until he meets Liv Madison. She’s completely – and maddeningly – uninterested in him. And it’s seriously turning him on. Stuck together on Raincheck’s Summer Tour, Ty is trying to stay away from her. But it’s getting harder every day.

Liv Madison just wants to work on her Master’s thesis and have some fun this summer. Which is the exact reason she’s tagging along as her best friend Gabe performs on Raincheck’s tour. Ty Benson, however, seems to have other plans for her. As annoying as he is gorgeous, Ty just won’t leave her alone. And it’s affecting her relationship with Gabe – in a completely unexpected way.

Can Ty convince Liv to give him a chance? Or will her friendship with Gabe turn into so much more?

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Feeling almost giddy, I took the seat next to Liv. “I can see that,” I mused looking around the table, stopping when my eyes met Liv’s.

She didn’t look happy to see me. No. That definitely was not joy on her face. It was mortification.

What the f@#k? I thought things were good between us again. The way she clung to me while we danced, made me hope that we were on the same page. For once.

Liv stared down at the beat-up table, running her fingers along the faux wood grain.

“Interesting how the guys are almost naked but you two seem to be mostly clothed,” I continued, wondering what was up with her. She’d been acting completely weird over the past couple of days. I’d assumed that had more to do with Gabe than me. But Gabe wasn’t here. “Hope I can even out the odds a little.”

“Well, I think you should start right now,” Laina purred nudging Liv with her elbow, a giant grin on her glossy lips.

At least she was happy I was here.

“It’s not fair that you’re still fully clothed while the rest of us are almost naked,” Laina said to me.

“Almost naked?” I mocked, surveying Laina’s fully clothed body. Quick as lightening, she worked her lips into a pout. “Fair enough,” I acquiesced, yanking my favorite vintage Motley Crew t-shirt off.

“Keep going, rock star,” Laina encouraged, staring at me expectantly.

I glanced at Liv, surprised to find her eyes glued to my chest.

Maybe I’d read her wrong before? Lord knows, I’d done that a time or twenty.

My confidence amped up. Shooting Liv a grin, I pulled my shoes and socks off.

“Lose the watch and you’re in,” Laina demanded, smiling triumphantly as I undid the clasp. “Ok, let’s play. Losers get to choose between drinking a shot of tequila or taking off one article of clothing.”

“Thought you were staying in tonight Ty?” Dave asked with a smirk, throwing Liv a not so subtle glance.


 “Book wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. By the way, I picked up a magazine that you might be interested in Liv.”

Slowly. Very slowly. Liv’s eyes met mine.

Was I missing something here?

“I’ll grab it for you after I’m done winning,” I said. And then I couldn’t help myself. My gaze slowly swept down her face to her breasts. They looked perky and just the right size to palm.

A warm sensation filled my entire body and I didn’t know if it was caused by my proximity to a half-naked Liv or because the alcohol had kicked in.

“Nice bra – it’s one of my favs,” I added, my gaze wavering between her perfect boobs and beautiful eyes.

I watched Liv’s face heat up and suddenly it felt like the first few times that we were alone at a coffee shop. When I’d antagonize her until she’d either blush or blow a fuse. Apparently, pushing Liv’s buttons came easier than playing nice with her. Although the things I wanted to do to Liv right now were anything but nice. My cock hardened, but this time I didn’t care.

“You win!?” Laina hooted. “Not in this lifetime. Ty, your turn to start.”

“Thanks Ty, you didn’t have to do that,” Liv half mumbled, staring at her cards as if her life depended on those five little pieces of cardboard.

“No trouble, I wanted to read a couple of the articles anyhow,” I replied laying down my first card, deliberately shifting so that my bare arm rested against Liv’s. Wanting to see if she’d pull away.

She didn’t. If anything it felt like she’d shifted closer to me.

Damn, this woman was driving me crazy!

“Come on, Liv, we don’t have all night,” Dave said impatiently. “Besides it doesn’t matter which card you play, Ty’s gonna win anyhow.”

I’ve already won,’ I thought to myself as I pulled an ace from my hand. If I win, Liv takes off more of her clothing and if she wins, I take more off. Either way, I was with Liv. And at least one of us was going to be naked.


About the author: Marlo is a Canadian girl, fond of the rolling prairies and majestic mountains close to her city home. And, of course, hockey, maple syrup and saying ‘eh.’ Working in healthcare for over a decade, Marlo believes that laughter is the best medicine and tries to put it to good use in her writing and at work. Marlo Lanz is the new age sensation when it comes to best romance authors. Her latest romance novels Raincheck is a success and available for readers.

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