Review: The Lawyer’s Pregnancy Takeover by Zee Monodee


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☆☆➹⁀☆5 stars☆➹⁀☆☆


What it’s about:

Personal assistant Jane Smithers is no stranger to over-the-top drama. With a hysterical socialite mother, an immature boss posing as bank CEO, and twin models hailing from Russia as her best friends, the last thing she needs is another complication … in the form of an unplanned pregnancy.

Hard logic and straight-on facts rule the existence of filthy rich corporate lawyer Michael Rinaldi. Drama? He’ll squelch it under the toe of his bespoke Italian leather shoes without a second thought. Until he crosses paths with Jane, that is.

He isn’t her baby’s father. She isn’t in the market for one, either. But unforeseen circumstances followed by a tabloid frenzy set them on a completely unexpected path. Michael is all in. Jane just wants some peace, as well as this super-hot but too-tenacious bloke out of her life. Will it be possible for these two to find a compromise in this fairly hostile pregnancy takeover? And maybe, just maybe, find love, too?

Warning: Contains overblown high society hijinks, a super-Alpha hero who takes no prisoners, and a supposed damsel in distress who knows how to hide her game!

Note: First published in October 2014 as Storms in a Shot Glass.

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Guest Reviewer Frannie’s Thoughts:

This is a romance novel about two fiercely independent people who fall in love; given their circumstances, they are reluctant to let each other break through their barriers or let the other person touch their heart.  It was such a delightful romance novel that was wholesome and passionate without lust or sexual endeavors being the guiding force of the story line.

Jane Smithers is an overqualified PA and basically acting CEO at a successful bank who is always getting her arrogant boss out of trouble. The day she finds out she is pregnant from a torrid one-night stand, she meets her boss’s estranged son, Michael Rinaldi. Michael is a severe and dogged corporate lawyer who is the most eligible bachelor in the country and in all the tabloids’ “Society Pages.”

At first the characters seem too good to be true with no problems. Their life is set within the ranks of society; they both are rich, brilliant and successful. Then, however, we learn more about their circumstances and their troubles with both of their neglectful parents.  Jane and Michael’s parents put unreasonable demands and expectations on them. The parents seem completely despicable and narcissistic, resulting in children who are highly accomplished but unsure of themselves.

What I found fascinating about Zee’s exceptional use of her pen, was the way she brought all the characters to life, showing their strengths, their weaknesses and finally their vulnerabilities. What started as a somewhat unbelievable story ends up taking the reader for a ride through many turns in their relationship.  The book moves along rapidly keeping the reader in suspense with drama, humor and spicy dialogue.  It made me laugh and cry.  I recommend this book to everyone who has ever been in love or wants to fall in love.


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