Review: The Awakening (The Troubles #1) by Milana Raziel

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☆☆➹⁀☆4 stars☆➹⁀☆☆

What it’s about:

Ireland 1967.
So sheltered. Innocent.
Men waged war over the likes of her.
The kind of woman a man would blacken his soul for.
I should know.
I did.

He was worldly. Forbidden.
He burned brighter than the sun but lived in the shadows.
The kind of man who could tempt a woman to ruin.

Do I wait for the man of my dreams to come?
Or dance with the devil that haunts them now?
Before the secrets and lies, before the betrayal and loss, there was love.
Experience Declan and Eileen Drazen in a whole new light.

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My Thoughts:

Milana Raizel’s latest contribution to C.D. Reiss’ Kindle Drazen World is a fantastic look at what led to the Drazen clan’s dysfunctionality.

In The Awakening: Eileen’s Story, Ms. Raizel treats her readers to a story of young mama Drazen.  Eileen is sweet and innocent.  Her upbringing in Boston was rather sheltered.  When her swinging parents send her to live with her grandfather at his bucolic Irish farm, she gets a bit more freedom just as her teenage hormones are peaking!

While her grandfather is engaged in numerous, mysterious meetings, Eileen has the opportunity to explore the countryside and the company of a couple handsome, young men.  Eileen’s naivety seems dated by today’s standards, however, it rings true for her era and generation.  Her dreamy, romanticized journal entries bring back memories of long ago crushes.  It is so easy to picture a young, trusting girl who believes herself to be more mature and worldly than she is.

Ms. Raizel’s depiction of Eileen and Declan’s beginning is both sweet and charming, but underneath the apparent innocence, a sense of foreboding is beginning to bubble like a pot on the stove.  For fans of the Submission Series, the foreshadowing of things to come that impact these two young lovers and impact the destiny of their future family is riveting.

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