Review: The Billionaire’s Triplet Matchmakers by Mia Caldwell

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What it’s about:

Joan Edwards had gone through a lot in her twenty-five years. She’d experienced fame as one of the youngest supermodels in history, and then, even more fame, as one of the most messed-up supermodels in history. Her drinking and drugging exploits dominated the front pages of the tabloids and newspapers all over Europe.

But, a year later, that’s all in the past for Joan Edwards. Her modeling career is over, and good riddance — because the decadent world of high fashion would never be a safe place for her. After rehab, Joan got a job as the nanny to her sister’s triplets, but now that her sister was about to marry the babies’ father, Joan knew that it was time for her to move on.

She’d been worried that the boys had become too attached to her, and it would be easier to leave now, then after they were walking and talking. But, the real reason she needed to submit her two-week’s notice was because she couldn’t bear to move to Milan. There were too many memories she couldn’t face. There were too many places in the city that would remind her of him…

Antonio Ferraro had it all, money, looks, superstar striker for AC Milan, international playboy, heartthrob for millions of women… And then he found Joan Edwards again, and he hit the jackpot. But, then he came home from away games and found her wasted in his home, trashing his house with her druggy friends. As much as it broke his heart, he ended it — kicked her out — refused to speak to her again. Antonio Ferraro was going places – he had no room in his life for someone as weak-willed as Joan Edwards.

But, a year later, he’d become the weak-willed person. He’d screwed up his life, or was on the verge of screwing it up for good – but, even in the face of one disaster after another, he still couldn’t stop his addiction — gambling. Just when he was scraping up money to keeps his legs from getting broken by his unsympathetic bookie, he sees Joan Edwards – clean, sober, healthy, and more beautiful than ever before.

It’s enough to make him want to get his act together – but, will his desire for her be enough to make him go all-in? Will he be able to save his future and win back her heart, even though he’d denied her that second chance?

All bets are off, when three baby brothers conspire to assist in matchmaking true love.

This is Book 2 in the Billionaire’s Triplets series, but can be read as a standalone novel. This book contains some steamy adult moments, discusses addiction and recovery themes, and has a very happy ending.

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My Thoughts:


Mia Caldwell’s Billionaire’s Triplets Matchmakers has an interesting premise and action-packed storyline. As a romance, it fell flat for me, but as a story of two addicts confronting their addiction, it was spot on.

The Good:

Ms. Caldwell’s characters are fully developed. Even though this is the second book in the series, each character—both primary and secondary—is well presented. I really enjoyed Julio and Lissa/Joan’s mothers.

Ms. Caldwell deftly portrayed the struggles of various addictions as well as the impact of addiction on one’s career, relationships, and reputations.

The Bad:

Antonio and Joan’s love relationship is hard to believe. Joan has no faith in Antonio, and neither of them have faith in themselves. The use of sexual attraction as a substitute for love is not unusual, but I do find it unacceptable. The timing of their intimate moments was sometimes questionable, and I found the clinical descriptions to be far from sexy.

In general, the use of the “billionaire boyfriend” is completely overdone, and specific to this story it is the billionaire’s connection that all-to-easily fix the big story conflict.

The story is wrapped up a bit conveniently and to some extent outlandishly. Royal connections, political threats, along with the bookies and mobsters were a bit much.

The Ugly:

Telepathically conversing babies just doesn’t work for me. I was put off by the unnecessary addition of this attribute. The triplets are given too mature a voice, as well as too much reasoning ability for infants.

The Shining Star:

Mark Kamish’s narration of the audiobook brought this story to life. I enjoyed his depiction of all the characters.



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