Review: The Coincidence Makers by Yoav Blum

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What it’s about:

In this genre-bending novel, there is no such thing as chance and every action is carefully executed by highly trained agents. You’ll never looks at coincidences the same way again.

What if the drink you just spilled, the train you just missed, or the lottery ticket you just found was not just a random occurrence? What if it’s all part of a bigger plan? What if there’s no such thing as a chance encounter? What if there are people we don’t know determining our destiny? And what if they are even planning the fate of the world?

Enter the Coincidence Makers—Guy, Emily, and Eric—three seemingly ordinary people who work for a secret organization devoted to creating and carrying out coincidences. What the rest of the world sees as random occurrences, are, in fact, carefully orchestrated events designed to spark significant changes in the lives of their targets—scientists on the brink of breakthroughs, struggling artists starved for inspiration, loves to be, or just plain people like you and me…

When an assignment of the highest level is slipped under Guy’s door one night, he knows it will be the most difficult and dangerous coincidence he’s ever had to fulfill. But not even a coincidence maker can see how this assignment is about to change all their lives and teach them the true nature of fate, free will, and the real meaning of love.

Part thriller, part mystery, part love story.

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My Thoughts:

Yoav Blum’s The Coincidence Makers is a fabulously unique novel about the truth about chance.  It is a charming story of master puppetry with the best of intentions.

I jumped into this book with both feet so to speak.  I was intrigued by the premise, and I truly enjoyed the characters.  The details were rich and meaningful.  Once I got the gist of the coincidence makers’ job, I started paying more attention to the subtle detail in the story.  I felt like the author was telling me to be more observant in my own life and I might see a coincidence maker at work nudging something to create a thought toward a specific decision.

I quickly became wrapped up in the characters backstories including the stories of their careers as imaginary friends, igniters, and the elusive distributors of luck.  Some of these stories were soulful and tragically romantic. Each made the surreal Emily, Eric and Guy seem more like the humans they are influencing.

Interspersed in the story are chapters from the coincidence maker training classes. I skimmed most of these chapters, but I did get a feel for the perspective and ethics of coincidence making.  These chapters also provide a skeletal structure to the story (in terms on the characters somewhat bureaucratic jobs).

In the end, a master coincidence maker is revealed as is his massive manipulations toward successful implementation of his monumental mission.

I loved the flow and layout of the story.  At a critical juncture in the book, the chapter numbers change, reflecting the dramatic turn in the storyline.  I found this to be a perfect little detail.  The idea of a greater power or different realm influencing choices could be a bit disturbing to some, but Yoav Blum made it a delightful, heart-felt adventure.


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