Review: Charlotte’s Bed by S.J. Stava


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☆☆➹⁀☆ 4.5 stars☆➹⁀☆☆


What it’s about:

At thirty, Charlotte is sick of the single life. Sick of online matchmaking, sick of bad first (AND second) dates, and sick of the dreaded “I can’t believe you’re not married yet!” pitying stares. So when her boyfriend proposes – who just happens to be a Dean 
at the university where she works – she’s thrilled to bid her singledom adieu. At the start of the new semester, she seems to have it all: a great job, great friends, and now. . . a great fiancé.

So what’s the catch? An annoyingly handsome new teaching assistant and the opportunity to direct the school’s fall production. Still can’t see the downside? Neither can Charlotte until suddenly, what she thought she wanted, might not be enough anymore.

How do you choose between the life you’ve always imagined and the love you’ve suddenly discovered?

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Guest reviewer Fran’s Thoughts:

Charlotte’s Bed was a really fun and easy read.  It is captivating from the first sentence to the last.  A 30-year old performing arts professor, Charlotte, is caught off guard when her boyfriend of two years, Richard, proposes to her.  He is her boss, the dean of the school, much older than her and a male chauvinist. However, he is also kind, very intelligent, sophisticated and a well-known and respected academic.  All of these things are enticing to Charlotte. Although she has her reservations about him not really being her “true love”, she is tired of being single and playing the God-awful dating game. Things go awry from the very beginning when her boyfriend tries to put the ring on her finger and it doesn’t fit.  Too small…although stunning, it just didn’t fit right.

The characters in the book are well developed and interesting.  Charlotte’s best friend Jessica and her group of girlfriends are so real.  They feel like a group of 30-year old women who would have their “girls nights” every couple of weeks and talk about their husbands, kids and boyfriends.  Stava’s writing often makes you laugh out loud. Jessica is against the relationship with Richard from the beginning, but if Charlotte is going to get married, she is going to help her friend and make all the arrangements for her.  

The twist comes when the semester starts and Charlotte is introduced to her charming and gorgeous T.A.  Charlotte can’t believe that he is so funny and makes her feel young and alive again. Charlotte thinks he is way too young for her only to find out that her TA Mason is only two years younger than her.  Mason is delightful and engaging. He is believable in every way and it so understandable when he sweeps Charlotte off her feet and the two fall in love.

Although there were a few grammar errors, the writing was delightful.  Stava made me sad, happy, angry and at times I laughed out loud. All the characters were people who you seemed to know in your own life.  I enjoyed reading the book the entire time.

About the author:  Sophie J. Stava is an avid reader and can’t remember when she wasn’t running to the library to pick up yet another bag full of books. She dabbled in many careers including ghostwriting. She finally got bit by the bug and published her very own book, Charlotte’s Bed under her very own name. Stava studied literature at UCSB and graduated with her B.A. in English.

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