Review: Devil’s Dividend by Harvey Church

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☆☆➹⁀☆5 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆


What it’s about:

A Dying Man’s Request: “Find Her”

When Ted Danforth has a massive, life-threatening heart attack, he summons the most-unlikely ally to his bedside: Edwin Burrows.

Once Edwin appears, he’s asked to “find her.” But Ted’s incomplete request also comes on the heels of a client’s unsolved, violent murder.

A Dying Man’s Secrets Come to the Surface
Edwin Burrows, CPA, starts digging and discovers that Ted and the massacred client had a few secrets they’d kept hidden for years… the kinds of secrets that are meant to be buried.

The Brother She’s Always Wanted?
One of those secrets? Ted fathered an illigitimate child, bringing the mysterious request a little too close to home: Rachel has an illegitimate sibling. But how much does Rachel really know? How far will people go to keep such secrets buried?

The Lengths People Will Go For Love…
Secret lives. Secret offspring. Secret Accounts… Edwin soon discovers that people–wives, husbands, children–will go to immeasurable lengths to keep certain stains buried. And what for? For love.

But even Edwin isn’t immune; with a few secrets of his own, he discovers something new about his own capacity for secrets. And love. And truth.

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My Thoughts:

Edwin Burrows is back in the Windy City.  He’s in pursuit of something or someone based on the deathbed whisper from Ted Danford.  No one, not even his least favorite ex-employee, Edwin, can figure out why Danford specifically called him to his hospital bed.  While Danford languishes in ICU after a heart attack, Edwin and Danford’s daughter, Rachel, chase circuitous clues trying to figure out what Danford’s request meant.

Edwin Burrows, the bumbling accountant turned mystery solver, is one of my all-time favorite characters.  He is funny, sincerely, and while not necessarily self-deprecating, he understands the limit of his appeal to the opposite sex.  Motherhood has not softened Rachel Danford, Edwin’s side-kick (and perhaps the mastermind in their two-man operation).  I love their banter.  It is at times funny and supportive, and at other times it is impatient and harsh (well, at least Rachel can be harsh).

Series fans will happily welcome back their favorite secondary characters.  Cutie-patootie baby Eloise continues to charm everyone.  Harvey Church’s descriptions of the little darling made me wish for a little one (well, maybe just to borrow on for an hour or two).  Bengal and Arjun are hilarious!  They’re perfect foils for Edwin.  Sear, Edwin’s lost love, reappears and toys with his heart.  He is torn between rekindling their relationship and honoring Danford’s request.

Will the doughy accountant solve the mystery and get his girl?  Will Danford’s secret mission lead to his demise?  I predict that the delightfully humorous Devil’s Dividend will have readers glued to their chairs while they get the answers to those burning questions.


For information and purchase links for all of Harvey Church’s mystery novels, visit the author’s website: Harvey Church Mysteries


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