Review and Giveaway: Flesh Into Fire by J.A. Huss and Johnathan McClain


☆☆➹⁀☆ 4.5 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆



What it’s about:

Payback is owed.

And Maddie Clayton is going to collect. This time Carlos and Logan have gone too far. People are dead, lives have been changed, and she’s had enough. Plus, she’s got the Devil on her side, so when an enemy turns into a friend with an idea of how to take Carlos down, she’s in.

Tyler Morgan has been fighting back his whole adult life. He’s ready for anything when it comes to payback. But endangering Maddie can’t be part of the deal. Unfortunately for him, once Maddie gets an idea in her head, there’s no stopping her.

Her debt has been paid in blood and she wants revenge.
His fight is still there, but now he’s got more at stake than himself.

The end is coming.
But even if they win against Carlos, they can still lose each other.


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My Thoughts:

Flesh into Fire is the intense third installment of JA Huss and Johnathan McClain’s Original Sin Series. When Ricky, the henchman, approaches Maddie, readers have to know book 3 was going to be action-packed from the start.  I didn’t anticipate just how romantic and angsty Huss and McCain would make it as well.

Maddie and Tyler are a match made in Heaven…or perhaps Hell.  Their chemistry is off the charts.  The authors have created characters who feel real.  They’re not perfect, but they’re perfect for each other.  Authors Huss and McClain have so realistically presented characters who have known each other their entire lives; the dialogue flows effortlessly and depicts the familiarity between the characters.  In Flesh Into Fire, readers are treated to “fed-up and I’m not going to take it anymore” Maddie.  Her fiery temper is equal to her flaming red hair.  Tyler continues his existential pondering that is sometimes thought provoking but most often hilarious as his mind wanders in a loopy circuitous path.

Amazingly, Huss and McClain have made their chief villain almost likable.  Yes, I realize how hard it is to fathom that a drug trafficker and crime lord could have some good traits, but the authors truly have presented Carlos Castillo as having some manners and a few marginally redeeming traits.  On the other hand, his henchmen don’t seem to possess morals, conscience, or manners.  Secondary characters Raven and Brandon get a little more interesting in Flesh into Fire, and I hope to get more of their story in the final installment, Passion Rising (due out May 2018).

Flesh into Fire could easily have been the conclusion to this story; however, Maddie and Tyler have only battled their present-day threat.  They still have a lot of past errors-in-judgment to address before they can hope for a happily-ever-after together.  Flesh Into Fire manages to be humorous and romantic, while being an action-packed thriller at heart. I cannot wait to see how my predictions line up with Huss and McClain’s final installment of this scorching series.


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