Review: Whisper of an Angel by Lorah Jaiyn

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☆☆➹⁀☆4 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆

What it’s about:

In the small town of Marshall Glen, Sofia retreats from life following the death of her husband. Six-year-old Kady lives in foster care and hasn’t spoken since a house fire stole her family. After she saves Kady’s dog from drowning, Sofia attempts to stay locked away, but learns—even though she’s given up, her heart wants—to try again.

When Kady runs away from her foster home, Sofia meets the cop in charge of the search, Brandon—her first love. Sparks fly even as she struggles with her conscience. Is she being unfair to her husband’s memory?

When random acts of vandalism turn to attempted kidnapping, Brandon helps keep Kady safe. As the danger deepens, how far will Sofia go to save a child?

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Guest Reviewer Fran’s Thoughts:

If you are a dog lover, then this book is a must-read.

Whisper of an Angel is about loving animals, accepting people, and coming to the understanding that not everyone is a good person. The main characters are Sofia, who lost her husband in a tragic car accident, and Kady, a young girl who lost her parents and brother in a mysterious fire that burnt down the house and killed everyone inside except her and her dog Phoebe. Together, they learn to reconnect with their true selves and are able to learn to love themselves and others once again.  These two lost souls have cut themselves off from the world until they find each other and are able to help each other come out of their protective shells. Their dogs, Phoebe and Zander, are highly protective and instrumental in the development of the story and the final outcome of the book. But, Sofia and Kady cannot prosper before overcoming many trials, including threats, vandalism, attempted kidnapping and of course romance.

The storyline flows easily and the book is delightful to read.  However, it is a bit predictable and sometimes it seems a little unbelievable. The characters are well described but not really complex.  There are good guys and bad guys. I would have liked to understand Kady’s character better. The culprits are bad people and don’t really seem to have any depth except that they are awful people. I think a better understanding of the characters would be helpful in rounding out the plot.

Review copy courtesy of  RhetAskew Publishing


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