Review: Edwin’s Equity by Harvey Church

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☆☆➹⁀☆ 5 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆


What it’s about:

A Former Colleague is Murdered, and Edwin’s Only Work Friend is Arrested
When firm favorite, Arjun Gupta, is accused of murdering the prettiest woman in the office, the partners call on the only accountant they know can solve the mystery and keep their names out of the press — Edwin Burrows, CPA. Fresh out of a personal-tax kiosk, Edwin welcomes the challenge at hand, especially when he learns that his services will help the only ally he ever had at the old firm.

Do You Really Know Your Co-Workers?

As Edwin digs deeper into Arjun’s alleged criminal behavior, he learns that the young accountant had a few secrets of his own. Secrets like a fiancée that nobody knew about… including the dead woman whose own skeletons turn out to be more than just innocent flings.

Can Murder Solve Married Men’s Problems

It doesn’t take long for Edwin to discover that a number of married men and their spouses could have wanted his former colleague dead. However, just when things start to look good for Arjun, they start to get worse for Edwin, who steps on a live wire and must not only worry about his own life but the lives of those for whom he cares the most.

Shot Twice… Is The Third Time Really a Charm?

As Edwin edges close to a truth that is sure to shock everyone involved, he makes discoveries that have life-altering consequences. Can he bring justice to a dead woman that many prefer gone? Can he save his only true friend from a life in prison? Lastly, what can Edwin do to safeguard his relationships and keep the people he loves safe from a man wielding more than just a camera and an appetite for young women?


My Thoughts:

Harvey Church has outdone himself with Edwin Burrows’ latest adventure, Edwin’s Equity.  The tone of this book is slightly more serious than the prior books in the series. However, it is still peppered with the wry humor readers have come to expect from Mr. Church’s lovable characters.

What is Edwin’s equity?  That question is posed to him mid-story, and it is a defining moment for the lead character.  This book, while a delicious mystery, is a turning point for the character.  Mr. Church provides much more insight into his lead character.  I loved where Mr. Church takes Edwin in the epilogue!

Edwin’s Equity is a well-paced mystery with ever-increasing story tension.  The story zenith is dramatic, and the denouement is a bit ambiguous as Harvey faces a fork in his road and doubts about the honesty and integrity of people he thought he knew well.

Each book in this series can be read as a standalone story, however, for maximum enjoyment, read the books in order to appreciate the character and relationship development.



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