Review: A Worse Secret by Harvey Church

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☆☆➹⁀☆ 4 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆


What It’s About:

Some things, you never tell. Like Brennan’s past. He guards the story of the man he once was with a loyal determination that would make even the most top-secret government agencies proud.
Mondays are for Mayhem

When two NYPD detectives show up on his doorstep one Monday morning, Brennan fears that his perfect, ideal life is coming to an abrupt end. But when the detectives ask to speak with his wife instead, who is allegedly away on a business trip, Brennan comes up with a few questions of his own.
Two Dates. Two Murders. One Suspect.

On two specific dates, Brennan has no idea what his wife had been up to. But he knows two innocent people connected to his past were stabbed to death. And he knows the police believe his wife is their prime suspect.

Can Two People Keep Their Worst Secrets?

As Brennan comes to grips with his own sins and questionable past, he realizes that the only thing that can save his wife is if he does what he should have done from the very beginning: tell her the truth. His truth. But will that be enough? Or is he too late? And what happens when he discovers that his wife might have a worse secret than his own?

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My Thoughts:


When two police officers show up at your door and ask about your wife’s whereabouts on a couple dates that happen to correspond with two violent robberies, you can’t help but wonder if her secrets are worse than your own.

While no husband and wife share everything, Brennan and Erin are keeping quite a lot from one another.  A Worse Secret by Harvey Church is told from the perspective of the main character, Brennan Eastwood.  The secrets are doled out slowly as Brennan ponders his past wrongs and digs up his absent wife’s secrets.

“Ever since he’d met Erin, he’d been so consumed by the secrets he’d been keeping that he’d never taken the time to question whether she might have a few of her own, let alone, if they might be worse.”

Add an abusive ex-partner and a possible offspring, and things get really strange in a “Twilight Zone” sort of way.  Brennan ignores his work and takes on his own investigation, and with every new piece of the puzzle, the possible culprits and potential conspiracy change.  The twists and turns had my head spinning!  I was constantly changing my mind as to the who and why of the not-so-coincidental crimes.   I have to say that I was truly shocked by the ending in terms of the unmasking of the perpetrator as well as the creepy acceptance and unsatisfying lack of justice.

A Worse Secret is a solid suspense/thriller.  From the first page to the last, the dread and tension rise.  It is one of those books you can’t put down because you’re so engaged in the unraveling of the mystery.

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