Review: The Lights Will Never Fade by Jackson Baer

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☆☆➹⁀☆ 3 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆


What It’s About:

Eighteen-year-old Peyton Hamilton is a typical Midwest girl – until the Shadow helps her escape the most gruesome murder that the small town of Jenks, Oklahoma has ever seen.

Soon after, she returns home only to find the rest of her family dead.

Haunted by the Shadow ever since, Peyton is not the only one this supernatural being has chosen – and now, no one is safe from its wrath. Escaping to live with her only living relative, Peyton discovers that they both have dark secrets that cannot remain buried.

Secrets which fuel the Shadow’s vengeance.

In the end, can Peyton prevent any more bloodshed, or is there no stopping this supernatural nightmare?

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My Thoughts:

Jackson Baer is a creative writer who gives his all in his tales. The Lights Will Never Fade is a haunting tale of horror. From the start, my heart was pounding with fear and I was riveted to Peyton’s story.

The Lights Will Never Fade is a twisted suspense of the horrors experienced by Peyton, Charity, and a few others. The Shadow, a creepy specter, is the antagonist that left me in chills. Some insight into The Shadow’s backstory would have given the book more depth.

I don’t usual choose to read horror because it gives me nightmares, but I did enjoy Mr. Baer’s writing. There are several interesting and unique characters, and I didn’t anticipate the big twist at the end. My audiobook experience was hampered by the flat narration.


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