Review: The Devil in the Junior League by Linda Francis Lee

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What It’s About:

The Junior League of Willow Creek, Texas, is très exclusive. Undesirables need not apply. Fredericka Mercedes Hildebrand Ware (Frede to her friends) is a member beyond reproach…until her life begins to unravel.

When her husband betrays her, steals her money, and runs off to places unknown, it’s something Frede would prefer to keep under wraps. The last thing she needs is to become fodder for the JLWC gossip mill. And to make matters worse, there’s only one person in town who stands a chance at helping her get revenge – Howard Grout, a tasteless, gold-chain-wearing lawyer who has bought his way into Frede’s tony neighborhood. But there’s a price: She has to get his tacky, four-inch-stiletto-and-pink-spandex-wearing wife, Nikki, into the Junior League.

The crème de la crème of Southern royalty should sit up and take notice, and hang on tight for this irresistible tale of getting in and getting even.

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My Thoughts:

Devil in the Junior League is a hilarious roasting of the Junior League and the pretentiousness stereotypically associated with it.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the Junior League, but I thoroughly enjoyed this farce.

Set in Willow Creek, Texas where big money, big hair and socio-economic status are all important, the rumor mill can ruin a Junior Leaguer!  Devil in the Junior League is absolutely hilarious, a little poignant in its message, and it will bring out so many emotions as you follow the exploits of Fredericka Ware. From the start I was hooked, and I rode every dip and curve of her emotional rollercoaster.

While the depiction of leaguers as exclusive, snobby back-stabbing women who had nothing better to do all day than sip sweet tea and think up ways to undercut one another demeans the league acts of charity, the story of Frede Ware’s predictament is pure fun.

The strong feminist ending was justified in that it depicted the growth in the main character, Frede Ware; however, I was hoping for a satisfying romantic happy ending as well.  Sawyer and Frede part ways in a fashion that leaves readers with hope for both the future of the characters as well as the possibility of sequel.

The audio book is fantastically narrated by Jenna Lamia.


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