Review: Dares, Lies & Geminis by Kat Alexander

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☆☆➹⁀☆ 4 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆


What It’s About:

Two women, different as night and day.
Tristana likes to keep to herself, devotedly working all day so she doesn’t think about all she is missing in life.
Seraphina, shrouded in mystery, hunts at night, surreptitiously looking for someone good, noble, and honest, while proving to herself they don’t exist.

Two men who won’t succumb to failure.
After his brother’s death, Peter spends his days trying to build a life as far away from the accusatory eyes of his hometown.
Nathan has a nightly obsession—Seraphina.

The truth that everyone is afraid to whisper.
As Peter starts to chip away at Tristana’s walls, one dare unknowingly releases something he thought he lost long ago.
And as Nathan moves in on Seraphina, one lie breaks apart the foundation of everything he thought he knew.

Meet the Geminis.

*** Warning: This book contains sexual violence that may be a trigger for some readers. This is a work of fiction and not meant to offend or misrepresent any situations. ***

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Guest Reviewer Frannie’s Thoughts:

This is a twisted tale of love, romance, intrigue and sex. There are four characters in story: Peter, Tristina, Seraphina and Nathan. These four appear to be very distinct and different as night and day, but in fact they are far more psychologically intertwined than the reader suspects. As the plot unfolds, the reader is brought into a complex web of lies and emotions.

Tristina is a hard worker and very introverted.  Peter is a bit adrift since his brother died, and he is trying to find answers to many personal questions.  He also is quiet and demure. Tristina and Peter become flatmates that share a bathroom which enables them to become quite close to one another.

Seraphina is very wild and goes out at night looking for men to quench her appetite for sex.  Nathan is a man obsessed with Seraphina and stalks her from the shadows. How these four people come together and interact with one another is wonderfully orchestrated by Kate Alexander’s clever and witty pen.

The story keeps you guessing from the start as you try to figure out how and why all these characters are involved with each other.  The book highlights all the aspects of human nature: courage, pain, love, hate, despair, family, friends, lovers, vulnerability and opportunity.  It is difficult to put the book down because the storyline is complex and it seems to always be changing. Not just a romance, it is a book full of heartbreak, sweet interactions and funny moments.

Just when you feel like you have a handle on these characters, you encounter an unforeseen twist which makes you look at the book in an entirely different way.


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