Review: Darkside Love Affair by Michelle Rosigliani

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What It’s About:

I have never wanted to become a lawyer, but that didn’t mean that I wasn’t perfectly cut for the job. I loved order, justice, and the little, annoying habits that I never strayed from.
My life was a well-oiled machine, then I met him, and everything burst into flames.
Marcus King, the handsome stranger who rescued me in that dark alley from the clutches of three drunk men, was chaos embodied, a storm about to be unleashed, and a definite pain in my back.
He was infuriating and charming at the exact same time. And he dared to watch me with a deliciously terrifying glint in his eyes like he could read right through me, like he was an intimate connoisseur of all my cravings, like he was the one to satisfy them.
I knew right from the start that he was trouble, and the trouble was that Marcus King never backed from a fight. He was set on getting what he wanted, and he wanted me.
But when a murder case hurls us in the dark side of the world, will Marcus remain the protective shield I need? Will the firestorm we ignite be enough to keep us together or will the flames consume us?

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My Thoughts:

Darkside Love Affair is Michelle Rosigliani’s debut novel. Her writing is detailed, and she thoroughly explores her characters and their backstories.  The author’s rich imagination is evident.

The primary and secondary characters are interesting and mostly believable.  I found the dialogue to be stiff and formal, and frequently, the formality didn’t fit the situation.  There are multiple story threads representing the complicated lives of the main characters, Marcus King and Charlotte Burton. Some of those threads helped provide background and story set up, while others felt superfluous (but may be tied into the story in the sequel).

Ms. Rosigliani has a great foundation for a gripping thriller, but the detailed exploration of the main characters’ relationships and the many story threads diluted the plot tension.  The premise of this thriller intrigued me, but the story needs to be tightened up for it to enthrall me.  At over 500 pages, I expected a mystery that ended with a satisfying conclusion instead of a dramatic cliffhanger.


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