Review: Chasing Us by M.A. Lee

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☆☆➹⁀☆ 3 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆


What It’s About:

Imagine having your entire world turned upside down. That is what Leigh faced when she discovered the plan she had set for her life had just imploded when she caught her fiancé, Jamie, cheating on her. 
Now, facing the fear of starting over, Leigh sets off on a life-changing road trip to follow the dreams she once thought were unattainable. Along for this wild ride is her ultra-sexy friend, Brandon. While on their journey to self-discovery, Leigh and Brandon learn that their chemistry and sexual attraction is stronger than they had ever imagined.

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My Thoughts:

Author M.A. Lee’s Chasing Us is a new adult friends-to-lovers romance.  I thoroughly enjoyed the story line of two friends heading off on a road trip with the purpose of pursuing their career dreams.

Leigh narrates Chasing Us; her low self-esteem takes another hit when she discovers that her fiancé has been unfaithful.   It is easy to empathize with Leigh’s situation; however, her negativity and pessimism are hard to take.  Juxtapose to her is Brandon.  His positive, upbeat attitude is infectious!  Combine that with his good looks, talent and loyalty, and you’ve got a keeper! He has had a thing for Leigh from the time we met.  When Leigh fell for his best friend, he was supportive of that relationship…until his friend broke her heart.

Chasing Us is a quick, easy read.  The plot is uncomplicated, and it is well paced.  The story is about self-discovery, chasing your dreams, and finding love.  Leigh discovers that someone worthy of her love is supportive and encouraging.  The story conflict/angst comes mainly in the form of Leigh’s self-doubts and people suggesting that Brandon is a womanizer.  The naysayers, including a complete stranger, all too easily influence her.  However, that does allow the author to send young women the message of not taking a backseat to their boyfriend’s aspirations.

The problems and conflicts are easily solved, and the accomplishments are easily won.  This makes the story rather simple.  Exploring some real life challenges that budding musicians and authors face would have given the story some depth.  Additionally, the inclusion of BDSM scenes was unrealistic and unnecessary (who packs sex toys on a road trip with a friend?), and it detracted from the otherwise sweet romance.  Engaging characters and a crisp, to-the-point plot makes Chasing Us a good palate-cleansing read.



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