Excerpt and Giveaway: Shift by Tonya Clark




What It’s About:

For Cammie Mitchell, getting her dream job was a complete surprise. As a certified, Texas country girl, she was ready to put her medic degree to good use as a personal medic to some of the best riders in Texas. Stepping into an arena, she finds herself shocked to discover that bulls are replaced with bikes. It seems her dream may have just taken a strange and dangerous new twist.

Kade Maddox is arrogant. And he knows it. This playboy and number one best motocross rider in Texas, has only one thing on his mind; winning. That is, until Cammie walks into his life as Sandy Racing’s, new medic.

With one trying to keep things professional and the other trying to become the top rider of his sport, neither are prepared for the shift about to happen in their lives. Discover this fast paced new romance novel today.

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The doctors wouldn’t allow Kade to stay the night, hospital policy, although Kade tried to use his charm to persuade a couple of the nurses and then blamed me for losing his touch with the ladies, sprouting off how fallen in love with me has taken away his game. 

The doctor did however come in early this morning and told me they were releasing me. I made a phone call to Krystal and told her to not say anything to Kade. I wanted to surprise him at the track. Her and one other crew member came and picked me up around ten and even though the pain was almost unbearable I couldn’t miss his race.

They were just setting up on the starting line when I finally made it. Michael even had a special spot for me all set up in the announcer’s booth. This had to be the best spot, I could see the whole track from here and there was no chance of flying motorcycles coming at me.

“Well isn’t this a sweet treat, we are honored to have our little hero from yesterday joining us up here in the box, Miss Camille Mitchell from the Sandy Racing Team.”

Everyone in the stands turned to look up at the announcer’s box cheering, but my eyes met with Kade’s very surprised ones. I wanted to down there next to him, but this is where I was able to convince Michael I would be alright and he finally gave in, so at least I’m here.

“I love you,” I mouthed to Kade and even with his helmet on I can see his smile in his eyes.

About the Author: Tonya Clark lives in a small town in Southern California with an amazingly supportive husband and two daughters. She owns a hair salon, a photography business, and she is a coach soccer.

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