Review: A Strange Affair by Brienne Dubh

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☆☆➹⁀☆ 2.5 – 3 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆


What It’s About:

Ellie Ré doesn’t have time for men. They don’t fit in with her career plan. She doesn’t engage in flings or one night stands either, it’s just not how she was raised. So when Aaron Strange enters her life she’s thrown by her sudden dark desires. The feeling of wanting nothing other than to submit to this man terrifies her…but it excites her more. Will she give in to what feels right when she always thought it to be wrong?

Aaron Strange is happy at his new company. He can’t get distracted here. He doesn’t have time for emotional entanglements. But when he meets Ellie, something about her compels him to get closer. Is it because she turned him down? Is it because she surprises him? Is it because he wants to possess her? Aaron finds himself wanting nothing more than to open her eyes to a world of pleasure and desire. But can he convince her to submit to her dark side and not fall for Ellie in the process.

She is struggling to fight her dark desires.
He is trying to fight his feelings.
Neither of them can fight their chemistry.

This is a very spicy little Novella with a little humor and a lot of pleasure. Intended for 18 + readers.

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Guest Reviewer Jeannie’s Thoughts:

A Strange Affair by Brienne Dubh is billed as erotica. The story centers on a workplace fling between Ellie and Aaron  who work in the same building. There’s no BDSM or power exchange involved, just two consenting adults who jump into bed without much in the way of explanation other than “chemistry”. There’s a lot of down and dirty but it never gets visceral or squirmy – for the characters or the reader. It has the bones for fun, workplace romance or rom-com –though the level of the day drinking amongst the circle of friends in this story is a wee bit concerning.

Ms. Dubh has the basic tool box for story telling – good command of grammar and ability to move a story forward. But what’s missing is the most important ingredient – connection. The ability to forge an emotional connection with your reader is what takes a bunch of strung together, athletic, but ultimately mechanical sex scenes and transforms it into tantalizing, evocative, lascivious erotica. Unfortunately, I never reached that peak in A Strange Affair



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