Review: Ancient Souls by Marianne Bissett

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What It’s About:

Death is only temporary and then you’re reborn, sending out a call to other souls linked through past friendship, love—and betrayal.

When WWII nurse Cora Tate discovers she can remember past lives, she is thrust into a world she never knew existed but lived through more times than she could count. Although the memories of her many pasts have not yet returned, she finds herself at the center of a centuries-old conflict with a clear line dividing those who seek power and those who seek to give it. With her superior fighting skills and instincts for battle resurfacing, Cora agrees to fight, joining ancient warriors who could never blend in and a petite female sniper you could never see coming.

With battle after battle, Cora’s memories begin to flood back–though some not soon enough. Their leader, British Captain Alastair Scott, doesn’t hide his feelings for her, barely reigning in his passions in his attempt to give her space to remember. But as Cora’s mind begins to open further revealing her love for Alastair and the never ending war in which they fight, memories of another soul emerge in a far away past where lovers turned enemies and enemies turned lovers.

With her destiny held in the balance, Cora must reconcile between who she once was with whom she was always meant to be to stop the war for good.

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Guest Reviewer Frannie’s Thoughts:

I loved this book. I thought it was intriguing from the onset. Our heroine Cora Tate is a headstrong young woman who has a secret “gift” that at first she doesn’t understand how to use. The story takes the reader to Normandy during WWII, where Cora is a nurse just behind the enemy lines of Nazi Germany, but the book ends up taking the reader through several different historical periods as the main characters are reborn again and again. Bissett skillfully combines the supernatural, reincarnation, and spiritual beliefs in a way that is plausible and fun to read.

Cora is reunited with past comrades and lovers who join together to fight villains that they have been waging war against for centuries. These supernatural villains seek ultimate power, unlike Cora and her group, who defend regular people and have compassion for humanity. Over the centuries, these two rivaling groups continue to fight each other, sometimes winning and sometimes losing. It takes some time for Cora to understand her role in this group of warriors, but once she realizes her gift of superior fighting skills and a keen instinct for battle, she fully engages in war. The conflicts occur over centuries during important historical events; there are references to the Roman empire, Alexander the Great, Winston Churchill, Harry S. Truman and many other colorful leaders.

As Bissett takes us in and out of past experiences, she does a fantastic job developing multi-dimensional, nuanced characters for the “good guys”—Alastair (Cora’s true love), Boerio, Malloye, Kraus, Imogen, and Aasim—as well as the villains, Vitus and Henrick.  The story becomes even more intriguing because these characters were not always on separate sides of the war, and the plot thickens as they meet in battle and rediscover each other’s superpowers. Both good and evil present-day warriors come into combat, creating a dramatic story line that is exciting and full of espionage, deceit, treachery and love.  Who will win this time?


About the Author:  Marianne Bissett is the author of Historical Fantasy Romance, Contemporary Romance and Middle Grade Fiction. She has always had an active imagination as a child and now has turned her daydreams into intriguing novels that captivate even the most discerning reader.

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