Review: Fifty-Fifty by Kelsie Rae

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☆☆➹⁀☆ 4 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆


What It’s About:

I need the money. Now. It’s not my fault that the bed and breakfast my grandpa left me is a big fat failure. My only hope is to sell the place and cash in on what little it has to offer. The only problem? I have to convince her, my Grandpa Jay’s pseudo-grandchild, that it’s a good idea too. And she’s even more stubborn than I am.

Nope. There ain’t no way I’m gonna uproot my two-year-old daughter by sellin’ the only home she’s ever known for an entitled city boy unwillin’ to give his granddaddy’s bed and breakfast a chance of thrivin’. Jay, why did you have to partner me up with him? He’s even more stubborn than I am!

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My Thoughts:

You’ve probably heard the phrase, there must be something in the water. Well, in Love, Georgia the townsfolk claim there is something in the coffee at Lover’s Landing Diner. Fifty-Fifty by Kelsie Rae is a Southern, small-town romance. It is entertaining, well written, and a delightfully easy read. The novella cuts to the chase in terms of plot but there is no shortage of character and story development; proving her skills as a storyteller, Ms. Rae’s tale feels like a full novel.

From the start to the finish, the characters and story are engaging. An inheritance from the long-lost grandfather and a mistaken identity create an acrimonious start for Beau and Noah. City-slicker, Noah, is an inked-up tattoo artist who sees his inheritance from his grandfather as a solution to his cash flow problem, but he doesn’t know about all the baggage in bed and breakfast/inn! While Beau is pretty as a picture, she is no wiltin,g hothouse flower. This single mom is running a business (into the ground according to Noah) and taking care of her daughter who is a scene stealer! Mac, the charming cherub steals Noah’s heart from the start.

The enemies-to-lovers is a well used base, but Ms. Rae has added her own special charms to the premise. There is no vile antagonist and the angst is minimal in Fifty-Fifty; it is a small-town romance that is sweet as a Georgia peach pie!

Fifty-fifty is part of a multi-author series centering around a coffee shop and romance in Love, GA.


Lover's Landing




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