Review: Watching Willow by Ann Omasta

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☆☆➹⁀☆ 4 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆


What It’s About:

On the verge of losing her job, local television star Willow Winks desperately seeks the one thing she believes can save her fledgling career––a golden retriever sidekick.

Willow thought being told she was getting too old for television was the most frightening thing a celebrity diva could hear––until she and her furry best friend, Buddy, receive a threatening letter.

Concerned for their safety, the television studio hires Caleb McCreery, a brave, strong, and young bodyguard to protect the famous duo. Caleb is ready to do whatever it takes to keep his charges safe, even if that means risking his own life.

As the threats begin to escalate, Willow and Caleb struggle to keep their budding attraction at bay. Will the distraction of their growing feelings make the bodyguard vulnerable and put all three at risk?

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Guest Reviewer Lisha’s Thoughts:

Willow’s life is about to change.  She is uncomfortably aware that she is aging and has been worrying about her job as a host of a local television talk show.  Her show is suddenly cancelled and she has been relegated to being a host of a matchmaking game show instead.  She needs to come up with a way to bring in solid ratings for her new show and decides to add a co-host sidekick in the form of a friendly golden retriever. Her life is further complicated when a stalker starts writing threatening letters to her and so management hires on Caleb McCreery, a hunky, but much younger man, to protect her as a bodyguard.

When Willow’s friend, Dash was advising her to get a dog he said, “You might be surprised how much joy a dog will bring into your life.”  This proved to be true in the story.  All the good that happened to Willow started when she decided to bring a dog in her life.  She started opening up and connecting with others. I especially enjoyed watching the relationship grow between Willow and Buddy, her new golden retriever. It was heartwarming to see Willow open up after bringing him home.  She had intended to bring home a puppy but was drawn to Buddy, an older dog, instead.  The audience of her new show enjoyed him as well.  He was a natural and Willow realized he had a knack for matching up contestants on her show.

The reason I rated this story 4 stars was because I wasn’t feeling much chemistry between Willow and Caleb.  I felt the bond between Willow and Buddy was developed really well but not so much with Willow and Caleb.  I wanted to see more of a connection between the two. I didn’t think the older woman younger man age gap worked well in this story.  It did not feel convincing to me that with her aging fears that she would jump into a relationship with such a younger man.  Especially since they couldn’t admit their true ages to each other – she might have been 37( but probably older)  and he might have been 27 (but probably younger).  I wanted to see more passion between them but instead I kept seeing Caleb pull back to keep himself emotionally detached so he could protect her better professionally. 


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