Review: The Roommate Agreement by Emma Hart

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☆☆➹⁀☆ 3 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆

What It’s About:

Let your homeless best friend stay with you, he said. Being roommates will be fun, he said. It’s only temporary, he said.

He never said I’d fall for him.

The Roommate Agreement, all-new hilarious and romantic comedy from New York Times bestselling author Emma Hart is coming March 26th!

You know what isn’t ‘temporary?’ The endless stream of dirty socks in my bathroom and empty food packets under the sofa—and don’t even get me started on the hot guys who take over my living room every Sunday to watch sports.

I can’t take anymore.

So I propose a roommate agreement. One that will bring peace and order back to my life, complete with rules that might just stop my newfound crush on my best friend in its tracks.

After all, there’s only so many times you can see your best friend naked before you start to lose your mind.

Rules. They’re meant to be broken… Aren’t they?

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My Thoughts:

Emma Hart’s The Roommate Agreement is a cute friends-to-lovers romance featuring an Indie author, Shelby, and her best guy friend, Jay.

Jay is a go-with-the-flow type of guy.  He doesn’t worry about a thing—even when he lets the clock run out on his apartment lease. Which is how he ends up bunking at his best gal’s place.  Shelby is a rigid planner.  Her life is one deadline after another, so she has to plan out everything!  How are these life-long friends going to live together? Borrowing an idea from a favorite television program, Shelby creates “the roommate agreement”.

I loved Shelby’s inner dialogue, and the banter between Jay and Shelby is amusing.  Jay’s lack of experience with household appliances like vacuums, washing machines and feather dusters is funny but not particularly original. Shelby’s lack of personal hygiene and horrible eating habits were a bit over done for me.  While I enjoyed the main character’s banter, Jay and his male friend’s dialogue didn’t feel authentic. This left me feeling that Ms. Hart wasn’t sure if Jay was the Neanderthal Shelby made him out to be or a “sensitive, new-age guy” who coached his friends on their relationships.

As for the plot and storyline, I adored that Shelby and her best girlfriend, Brie, have their GNO at her parent’s bar!  Jay’s family is a hoot!  Naturally, the “big” drama is the presumed unrequited love and angst over each character’s attraction to the other.

The story is told in dual POV.  The lighthearted nature of the story makes it a quick, fun read.  It is pure escapism. The Roommate Agreement is a fluffy, light read that is perfect as a “palate cleanser”.


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