Review: What the Lady Wants by Hester Browne

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What It’s About:

Melissa is the shy, shockable sweetheart of a property tycoon. Honey is a gal on a one-woman mission to Make Men Better.

To an outsider, they’re two completely different women. But they’re actually one and the same. Until now, this has ticked along quite nicely – with Honey merely being Mel’s professional persona, when she’s running The Little Lady Agency. But now her grandmother has asked her to take on the case of a lifetime: namely improving Prince Nicolas of Hollenberg – Europe’s most playboy of princes – who, despite his good breeding, is completely set on leading Melissa astray. And all this blue blood is making her fiancé, Jonathan, finally see red.

Can Mel rise to the challenge of reforming Prince Charmless? Will the Little Lady Agency survive? And has her own fairy-tale ending been there all along?

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My Thoughts:

Originally titled The Little Lady Agency and the Prince, book three of the Little Lady Agency series by Hester Browne is an absolutely adorable finish to the trilogy.  The previous title does reflect a major plot point, but the new title brilliantly reflects Melissa’s underlying need to reflect on what she truly wants in life.

While contemplating making plans for a big life change, Melissa is presented with revamping the reputation of another dubious client.  How can she refuse her dear grandmother when the client is the son of the lost love of her life?  So, Honey takes on the rude, brash Prince Nicky in hopes of turning him into the desirable, debonair Prince Nicholas.

Prince Nicky being a minor royal without a principality is more like a reality television celebrity, both in terms of his notoriety and his public behavior.  At first, it is quite difficult to like him as a character; not only does he behave like an entitled, rich kid, he puts Melissa in a multitude of difficult situations.  “Honey” manages through the sticky social mishaps, while Melissa is forced to confront the reality of her fiancé’s expectations and how closely they align with those of her father.  Creating The Little Lady Agency allowed Melissa to get out from under her father’s thumb.  Is she willing to trade in her independence and submit to a controlling husband’s proposal? Along with that bit of seriousness, What The Lady Wants is filled with humor and romantic misadventures for Melissa’s motely group of friends.

The droll characters and the Romney-Jones family drama make this final series installment hilarious.  Through the somewhat predictable mayhem, lovable Melissa shows her pluck and charm. The Little Lady series was my first romantic-comedy, and it remains one of my favorites.  It is light-hearted and appropriately flirty and fun.  In her relatively chaste books, Ms. Browne creates a lovely escape from the hum-drum demands of real life.

Narrator Lara J. West wonderfully brings this delightful book to life.


About the Author: Hester Browne was born in England’s Lake District, read English at Trinity College, Cambridge, and worked as a fiction editor before leaving publishing to write full time. She enjoys Scottish reeling, driving, baking, and trawling eBay for estate sale bargains. She doesn’t enjoy hot weather, tax returns, or any talent programme where people have to plead to be allowed to juggle flaming chainsaws on national television.



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