Review: Modern Sourdough: Sweet and Savoury Recipes from Margot Bakery by Michelle Eshkeri

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☆☆➹⁀☆ 5 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆

My Thoughts:

I love sourdough bread; the crunchy, thick crust and the tangy, soft bread are delightful. When my boys were little, we made a batch of sourdough starter, but we were not successful at keeping it going for long. In Modern Sourdough, author and baker, Michelle Eshkeri, provides a relatively easy recipe and process for making and maintaining a sourdough starter. Along with the starter, she provides many recipes in which to use the starter.  After reading this book, I’m game to give it a go again!

Beautiful photos accompany the recipes, and this was enough to have my mouth watering! The bread recipes all seem easy enough that even an amateur baker such as myself could produce an edible loaf of bread. The sweet baked goods recipes that utilize the sourdough starter are especially intriguing. I have never thought of using a tangy starter to create sweet rolls or cookies. As soon as my starter is ready, I plan to try Ms. Eshkeri’s cinnamon bun recipe!

The recipes range from bread, pizza, focaccia, sweet rolls, panettone and stolen to cookies, brownies and muffins. There is something for everyone!


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