Review: Hunter by Kym Grosso

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☆☆➹⁀☆ 4 stars ☆➹⁀☆☆


What it’s About:

Hunter Livingston’s trip to Hell had been a calculated risk. Best case scenario, he’d save a friend and come out unscathed; at worst, he’d burn in flames for eternity. But finding the high priestess had never been part of his plan, nor was rescuing the near-dead stranger he’d found lying by her side. 

Drawn to the mysterious woman, he’d sworn to protect her from the rogue pack who sought her body and the demon who sought her soul. But after an attack on his own pack, he questioned his loyalty to the one who could be his mate.

With royal blood flowing through her veins, Dr. Willa Jacobs had long hidden her Lycan heritage. Deep within the rainforest, she’d unearthed a discovery that drew the attention of both humans and forces of evil. Rescued by the charismatic Alpha, she’d known her kidnappers would never give up looking for her or her research. Determined to protect her savior and his wolves, she’d had no choice but to leave him. But as the dominant Alpha stirred her beast to rise, her emotions warred, and she was more determined than ever to see her adversaries burn in Hell.

From Wyoming to Louisiana to deep within the Guatemalan jungle, Hunter and Willa spiral into an erotic and dangerous journey where they question who is foe or friend, and must fight to destroy their enemies. As Willa grows closer to the sexy Alpha, will she accept her true nature, embracing the strength of her abilities? If they survive, will Hunter claim his mate, accepting the hellfire that runs through her veins?

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My Thoughts:

Hunter is author Kym Grosso’s tenth book in her Immortals of New Orleans series.  This paranormal romantic thriller is packed with action—both in and out of the bedroom!

Hunter, the alpha shifter from Wyoming, is mysteriously able to navigate the portal to Hell in order to rescue a friend of a friend. The sexy shifter has quite the presence. Viktor, the ancient vampire trapped in Hell, possess the same old-world charm as his vamp pal, Quintus.  As with some of the prior installments of the series, the heroine is a special breed of paranormal creature. Dr. Willa Jacobs might seem the damsel in distress when Hunter finds her beaten and tortured in Hell, but she is a force to be reckoned with once she heals!

Willa and Hunter’s push-pull banter about mating and pack protocol is expected yet fun (intentionally vague so there are no spoilers). Willa is the strong heroine that fans of Ms. Grosso’s series have come to expect. This fast-paced book is easy to devour.  The lies and intrigue make for an addictive thriller. Ms. Grosso’s stories can be read as standalone books, however, each book contains references to characters and events from prior books (just as each epilogue has an intriguing lead in to the next installment).

The paranormal aspects of the story could be perfect for readers of most ages, however, the inclusion of erotica makes Ms. Grosso’s Immortals of New Orleans an adults-only series.


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