Review: Wolfman is Back by Dwayne Clayden

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About the Book:

Jeter Wolfe swore revenge if he escaped from prison-and he has.Detective Brad Coulter knows too well the danger Wolfe presents. When Wolfe was the enforcer of the Gypsy Jokers Motorcycle gang, he held captive and raped and two teens.Would they be his target? What about the female prosecutor and cops? But Wolfe strikes much closer to home-Coulter’s home.

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My Thoughts:

Wolfman is Back is the third book in Dwayne Clayden’s Brad Coulter series.  The opening scene is chilling and creates an ample sense of dread for the story.  From start to finish, the tension is like an over-filled balloon that is ready to burst at any minute.  Mr. Clayden’s writing is crisp and his characters jump from the pages.

Jeter Wolfe, known by his biker name, Wolfman, was introduced in Mr. Clayden’s Outlaw MC.  The menacing maniac has escaped prison.  He not only poses a threat to the public in general, but he specifically is targeting the females involved in his arrest and incarceration. Including the antagonist’s POV added to the chill factor of the novel. Brad Coulter returns to the police force, as a detective, just in time to pursue Wolfman.  Coulter is perfection as a series lead character.

Brad Coulter is a strong man’s-man who is something of a James Bond (albeit less suave).  He is protective, generous, and a strong leader. I felt the camaraderie within the police department as well as their competition with the Mounties.  There are a couple love-interest story threads, but romance is not the primary focus of the story.

Each of Mr. Clayden’s works of fiction has been better than the prior.  The character development is excellent and the dialogue is sharp with a touch of humor. Wolfman is Back is a richly detailed police procedural, and I found this fast-paced thriller is riveting from the first page to the last.


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About the Author: Dwayne Clayden combines his knowledge and experience as a police officer and paramedic to write realistic crime thrillers.
CRISIS POINT, Dwayne’s first novel, was a finalist for the 2015 Crime Writers of Canada, Arthur Ellis Awards.
OUTLAW MC is the second in the Brad Coulter Series.
WOLFMAN IS BACK, is the third in the Brad Coulter Series.
In his 40 year career, Dwayne has served as a police officer, paramedic, tactical paramedic, firefighter, emergency medical services (EMS) chief, educator, and academic chair. Dwayne is a popular speaker at conferences and to writing groups presenting on realistic police, medical, and paramedic procedures. The co-author of four paramedic textbooks, he has spoken internationally at EMS conferences for the past three decades.

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